AngelTrack 2.1 build 296 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2017-Dec-10
All customers 2017-Dec-17

Improvements and new features

  1. New Calls by Custom PCR Field report under Supervision Home allows you to find dispatches by the answers that crews gave to your Custom PCR Fields. There are additional filters for slicing and dicing your data, and bulk exporters too.
  2. Under Employee Edit and Employee Self-Edit, on the "Statistics" tab, there has always been a chart of the crew member's QA performance. This chart now offers to download its underlying data, including QA failures and their associated lists of QA objections. This data will hopefully resolve any concerns that crew members have about the fairness of the QA statistics.
  3. On any AngelTrack page which contains a plus sign icon to add a new item, there is now a keyboard shortcut for it: ALT + equals. The rational behind the choice of the equals sign key is the fact that the equals sign key is also the plus sign key.
  4. The Arkansas schematron is updated from their 2017-08-15 release to their 2017-11-17 release.
  5. New feature Patient Document Bulk Exporter, under Billing Home and accessible only by princpal employees, allows for the mass download of all patient documents in the system, across any date range.
  6. The Line Items Report can now filter by balance, in order to quickly find calls where the balance is less than or greater than zero. This will assist in closing out any negative balances (amounts that we owe them) at year end.
  7. The Scramble Time by County report now contains an additional chart, showing the percentages of calls where the response time was above or below a selectable number of minutes.
  8. New report Scramble Time by City under City and State and City under Supervision Home provides the same data as Scramble Time by County, except divided up by origin city.

Significant bugfixes

  1. PCR pages were failing to open in edit mode if they referenced a protocol section which is no longer active.

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