AngelTrack 2.1 build 295 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2017-Nov-26
All customers 2017-Dec-03

Improvements and new features

  1. The PCR now offers a choice of stroke cards: LAPSS and RACE. The LAPSS card is the default; visit Preferences under Settings to switch to the RACE card.
  2. In the PCR, the APGAR score (under PCR Vitals) and the Broselow-Luten tape length (under PCR Assessment) fields now appear or disappear based on the patient's date of birth.
  3. PCR Meds now displays the Broselow-Luten tape length, if available, to assist in quickly choosing the correct pedi-meds drawer.
  4. PCR Narrative now displays the reason why the current narrative is not yet acceptable, be it for insufficient length or for the inclusion of ______________ blanks by the AutoComposer.
  5. PCR Vitals now collects the patient's blood carbon monoxide percentage.
  6. For all the invoice generators, if you untick the ☑ Override any quoted prices checkbox, AngelTrack will now display the anticipated change in total balance which will occur if you tick the checkbox.
  7. The Dispatch Edit page's list of billable facilities will now always include the origin and destination facilities from both the outbound trip and the return trip... in addition to the patient's residence facility, and also the facility which booked the transport using the customer portal.
  8. New report under City and State Reports: Scramble Time by County displays a county-by-county analysis of how quickly your units respond to emergent and critical calls.
  9. You can now have more than one default tag, which will be automatically applied to every new dispatch unless overridden by the call-taker.
  10. You can now configure (from Preferences under Settings) the thresholds at which the attending must provide an explanation for the delay. For example, you can specify that after 20 minutes on-scene, the crew must provide (under PCR Followup) a reason for the delay.
  11. The algorithm for calculcating the charge for standby minutes is slightly improved; refer to Pricing Guide and scroll down to Charge for standby minutes for details.
  12. The NEMSIS 2 Workbench can now load and transform DEM data via any state's transform, including those for transforming v3.4.0 to v3.3.4.
  13. The notoriously slow Billing Activity Visualizer report is now a bit faster. The Payment Event Finder is also faster, when dealing with large datasets.
  14. Can now view and modify AngelTrack's list of built-in impression codes, which are ICD-10 codes offered as choices on the PCR Assessment page for recording a primary and secondary impression. Although AngelTrack's built-in list of impression codes conforms to the NEMSIS standard recommendations, a few states impose irregular requirements -- adding their own codes or disabling the recommended codes -- and with this new facility, you can update AngelTrack's code list to match your state. The user interface for this feature is located in the Impressions List item under Settings.

Significant bugfixes

  1. Invoice Edit user interface did not display the correct current total balance, if the balance exceeded $999. This was only a bug in the user interface; in the back end, the balances were always correct.
  2. Under the "Librarian" tab of Patient Edit, when attempting to bulk print all of a patient's documents, the ☑ Return all documents of each selected type option was not honored.
  3. Prior Auth Add user interface displayed the incorrect number of validity days for any document whose start date or end date was October 31. This was only a bug in the user interface; in the back end, the date range was always correctly enforced.
  4. Invoices List was unable to close as unpaid any invoice which contained a dispatch that -- after its addition to the invoice -- had its execution status changed to "cancelled".
  5. Zone Edit's map graticule failed to display the latitude and longitude texts.

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