AngelTrack 2.1 build 292 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2017-Sep-03
All customers 2017-Sep-10

Improvements and new features

  1. AngelTrack R&D is proud to present an important new feature for billers: Parking. Billers can now pull dispatches out of the postprocess workflow, transferring them to a personal Parking Lot where they can be worked on privately. Parked dispatches have snooze alarms, to remind the biller when the dispatch is ready to be checked again. Once finished, the biller simply unparks the dispatch, and it immediately re-enters the postprocess workflow as normal. To learn more, read the Parking Guide.
  2. Each carrier in the Insurance Payor ID List has a new datafield: PAN form URL. When this field is filled in with a valid web URL leading to a carrier's PAN form, AngelTrack will offer that URL as a clickable link in the Customer Portal. This makes it easy for social workers at your facilities to download the correct PAN forms for their patients who have upcoming transports. To learn more, read the Customer Portal Guide.
  3. 90% reduction in the load time of the Postprocess Status Report.
  4. 75% reduction in the load time of the Billing Activity Visualizer.
  5. The touchscreen signature control now has improved support for touch and pen devices (SuperSignature update v1.5.0.3). This update was removed from the build after we received early reports of problems on certain Android devices when the signature control was zoomed to fill the screen. We are working with the vendor to resolve the issue in a future AngelTrack build.
  6. Support for the ☑ CR modifier, used when filing claims related to catastrophes. AngelTrack will automatically pre-select this modifier if the crew specifies any catastrophe-related injury causes in the PCR Injury form.
  7. In the Insurance Appeal Queue, the popover form now offers a third option: ☑ Write off the balance (advance to 'Finished').
  8. The Coding form now lists all tags attached to the dispatch.
  9. Zone Edit user interface is now 95% less terrible: it now graphically plots all zone rectangles on the map, showing exactly where the each zone begins and ends.
  10. Support for South Carolina's custom NEMSIS datafields. Also, South Carolina's schematron of 2017-08-01 is now deployed. (explain this)

Significant bugfixes

  1. Beginning in build 291, the Pickup Delays Comparison Report stopped working.
  2. The city and county filters for the various QI reports under City and State Reports did not work.
  3. The Insurance Filing Queue indicated that a dispatch was coded, even though it was still missing some of the coding fields needed for batching.
  4. When an ePCS form automatically attaches to a dispatch, if it attaches by matching the origin facility (rather than by matching the destination facility), the ePCS document in the printed run report would incorrectly read "...for transport from [destination] to [destination]", rather than the correct "...for transport from [origin] to [destination]".
  5. When the Calendars plotted recurring dispatches into the future, they incorrectly plotted the exceptional times (if any) on all future calls.
  6. The Arkansas trauma registry's schematron does not accept unknown/null-value responses in the LAPSS stroke screen. Therefore, if the attending has responded "Unknown" to any of the screen qualifier questions (patient age, blood glucose, seizure history, onset of symptoms, ambulatory), AngelTrack must lie to the trauma registry and report "negative".

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