AngelTrack 2.1 build 291 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2017-Aug-20
All customers 2017-Aug-27

Improvements and new features

  1. Important! The CMS-1500 generator will now place both the origin and destination addresses in box 32, freeing up box 19 to hold the reason for stretcher.
  2. New data export helper URLs are now available:
  3. Support for Oklahoma's custom NEMSIS datafields.
  4. A dispatch's PSAP time can now be retroactively edited, using the retroactive booking and editing facility. Any changes to the PSAP time are, of course, permanently journalled.
  5. Support for data uploads to the South Carolina and Massachusetts trauma registries, which are still running NEMSIS v2.
  6. If a dispatch has failed NEMSIS validation and is thus sitting in the State Upload Queue's list of failed validations, there will now be an indication of such in the "Billing" tab of its Dispatch Edit page.
  7. Revenue Accrual Report now visually displays monthly contractual adjustment amounts in the main chart.
  8. The LAPSS form, if filled out, is now included (in its entirety) in the printed run report.
  9. In states which issue MICU certifications, each crew's MICU certificates (if any) are now checked in determining the service level of the shift. In states that do not issue MICU certifications -- such as Texas -- a shift is determined to be MICU if crew is ALS qualified and the vehicle's max service level is MICU.
  10. New PCR datafields to satisfy Georgia trauma registry custom data requirements:
  11. Support for data uploads to the Georgia trauma registry.
  12. The Insurance Appeal Queue now has an interactive form -- similar to that of the Insurance Review Queue -- for recording insurance appeals, and/or for giving up and sending dispatches to invoicing.
  13. All PCR pages now display -- at the bottom, under the "Save" button -- the date and time when the procedure record was last modified, and the name of the person who did so.
  14. The PCR narrative auto-composer now includes a paragraph listing all acute symptoms that were noted during all assessments of the patient. If you wish to disable this, edit the PCRNarrative.txt document template (under Settings) and remove this line:

Significant bugfixes

  1. The notification emails sent to dispatchers by the Customer Portal's online booking feature were sometimes not sent.
  2. The following extraneous NEMSIS validation errors appeared from time to time in the State Upload Queue's list of failed validations:
  3. The Arkansas schematron would misleadingly say "If LA Stroke Scale is selected, you must answer the blood glucose question." if any of the stroke screen questions were left unanswered, not just the blood glucose question. AngelTrack Support has unofficially altered the Arkansas schematron to display a better error message in this case.
  4. The NEMSIS 2 XML Workbench would return error messages when a state transform was attempted.
  5. If certain word-processor characters are pasted into an announcement, the announcement would later display them as a garbled word that looks like this: & amp; 248;
  6. When Coding, any quantity of waiting time units more than one was incorrectly saved as just one.

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