AngelTrack 2.1 build 290 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2017-Jul-30
All customers 2017-Aug-13

Improvements and new features

  1. New reports under Dispatch Home:
  2. The following reports now have expanded filters, as well as tabular displays of raw data to complement the existing graph:
  3. The Call Volume by Day of Week report has a new data series superimposed on the graph, showing the average number of shifts that were on duty during the selected date range. This is useful for comparing the historical staffing levels against the projected number of shifts needed for confident coverage.
  4. For EMS operations which operate across state lines, AngelTrack's NEMSIS exporter now applies the appropriate state schematron (if any), and the correct custom fields (if any), for each dispatch according to its origin state.
  5. Vehicle maintenance records can now be deleted and undeleted.
  6. Completed dispatches will now be treated as emergent for the purposes of billing, PCS forms, and PAN forms, if any of the following are true: Prior to this build, only item 'a' determined whether or not a completed dispatch was treated as emergent. In other words, items 'b' and 'c' now provide additional ways that a dispatch can qualify as emergent.
  7. All reports and charts that have selectable intervals (day / week / month / quarter / year) will now correctly 'notch' to the months of the calendar. That is to say, if you open one of the affected reports, set its start date to January 1, and set its interval to "Month", each data point over the date range will begin on the first day of its month.
  8. Transports originating in Texas will now be validated against the new schematron published 2017-07-11 by the Texas Trauma Registry. (This is the precursor step to activating AngelTrack's automatic uploader for Texas -- an event that is still waiting on word back from the state that they are ready.) To learn what schematrons are, and why a state's trauma registry might publish one, read the State Uploads Guide.
  9. Transports originating in Oklahoma will now be validated against the schematron published 2017-04-12 by the Oklahoma Trauma Registry.
  10. Coding now allows the location modifier to be blank when ☑ QL is selected.
  11. The Insurance Pending Report and its divedown Carrier Pending Report now offer "As Of" functionality, to view the state of insurance claims at any arbitrary past date.

Significant bugfixes

  1. The Beacon Status Report returned an error when there were one or more wheelchair vans with beacons.
  2. The Claims Activity Visualizer sometimes failed to report the numbers and amounts of filed insurance claims.
  3. Attempting to send a dispatch back to "Awaiting report completion" (postprocess step zero) returned an error message: "Failed to update the Postprocess Status and Payor fields for the selected dispatch."
  4. Customers running unusual or obsolete web browsers sometimes received an error message when accessing the Customer Portal's online-booking form.
  5. Workaround for Texas state schematron 2017-07-05 rule for eSituation.02. The Texas schematron requires either a 'Yes' or 'No' answer, so when the crew does not know whether or not the patient was injured (e.g. patient is unconscious), AngelTrack is required to report the misleading answer 'No' to the state trauma registry.
  6. When the PCR Vitals indicates that a nebulizer is in use, the PCR Meds page did not accept "Inhalation - BiPAP" or "Inhalation - CPAP" as the delivery routes to satisfy the documentation requirement.
  7. If a browser window is open to the Crew Home page, phoning home every 30 seconds to check for new dispatches, a new or updated announcement wasn't detected and shown. The announcement was only shown when Crew Home was fully reloaded. Likewise for new disciplinary write-ups.
  8. Mobile devices using mobile internet service in New York City were having difficulty saving changes to PCR pages in AngelTrack. Several attempted clicks of the 'Save' button were required to commit the changes to the server.
  9. The PCR Patient page's helpers "This transport's origin is the patient's residence" and "This transport's destination is the patient's residence" were reversed.
  10. The Invoice Generator for Patients could not find a patient if his or her receivables were entirely gurney transports.

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