AngelTrack 2.1 build 284 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2017-Apr-09
All customers 2017-Apr-16

Improvements and new features

  1. AngelTrack R&D is proud to present a brand new feature: customer self-serve booking, via the Customer Portal. Your nursing homes and frequent-fliers can now request transportation online; each request is reviewed by your dispatchers, and accepted onto the call schedule or rejected back to the customer. Notifications are delivered to the customer via email. Learn all about the new feature by reading the Customer Portal Requests for Transport help document.
  2. Coding now offers the choice of S0209 (wheelchair van mileage) as the mileage code, instead of the standard code A0425 (ground mileage).
  3. Coding now allows multiple custom service lines with the same procedure code (e.g. A0999). In this situation, the carrier will require an explanation in the "Notes" field for each service line.
  4. Support for uploads to state trauma registries who are still using obsolete NEMSIS version 3.3.4, specifically Oklahoma.
  5. Support for automatic upload to Arkanasas' new NEMSIS version 3.4.0 trauma registry, which replaces the older v2.0 trauma registry.
  6. Medicare rate tables updated to the new 2017 rates.
  7. Employees who forget their password can now click to self-serve reset their password... provided they have a messaging address on file. AngelTrack will email a new temporary password to the employee's messaging address. After the employee logs in using the temporary password, AngelTrack will require them to choose a new password.
  8. Captains and members of HR can now opt to receive an email notification whenever ☑ Any new incident is submitted.
  9. When an incident is set to an employee to be signed as a disciplinary writeup, the employee can now provide additional details and comments at the same time as he or she signs the acknowledgement.
  10. New preference setting allows the use of actual odometer readings in invoices, rather than normal mileage.
  11. New preference setting allows control over the number of days of prior finished reports that crew members are permitted to review, via the grid of completed calls on the Crew Home page.
  12. The reports Facilities with a Balance, Affiliates with a Balance, and Patients with a Balance now offer a choice of how the age of receivables should be calculated: number of days since the date of service, or number of days since the first invoice was committed.
  13. The three aforementioned reports now include the counterparty name and address information in their export data, for use in performing mail-merges using Microsoft Word™ and Microsoft Excel™. This allows you to quickly create bulk notices to your accounts receivable.
  14. The state trauma registry uploader now supports those states which require per-county uploads under differing license numbers (dAgency.01) and/or differening agency numbers (dAgency.02).
  15. The Call Volume Visualizer report received some improvements:
  16. When billers choose the location modifier (e.g. "NH", "RJ") while coding insurance claims, AngelTrack will use the data to set the HCPCS location types of the underlying facility records. As this field is populated throughout the facility records, AngelTrack will be able to automatically set the location modifier during coding.
  17. New state-level report QI by County or City allows quick selection and export of full run reports for all calls originating in a specific county or city.

Significant bugfixes

  1. When an EOB arrives from Aetna who is acting as the secondary insurer, AngelTrack incorrectly sends the dispatch to 'Finished' rather than to patient invoicing to collect the remaining copay.
  2. When cancelling an invoice, any underlying dispatch that was previously written off (i.e. previously advanced to "Finished" with a balance outstanding) would be pulled back to "Billing office". Such writeoffs should not be disturbed during the cancellation of an invoice to which they are attached.
  3. When coding a wheelchair (A0130) insurance claim and not overriding the service and mileage codes, no service line for mileage is emitted.
  4. In State Upload Status under Settings, the number of calls "not yet graduated from QA" was reported incorrectly.
  5. After the crew attaches a document of type "Diagnostic image" to a dispatch, submitting that dispatch to QA, or passing it onward from QA, sometimes results in a very long delay waiting for the NEMSIS validation dialog to complete.

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