AngelTrack 2.1 build 275 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2016-Nov-27
All customers 2016-Dec-04

To join the early access program, contact AngelTrack Support at (800) 946-1808.

Improvements and new features

  1. Gurney van service is now a distinct service level that can be booked and billed. Read the Gurney Service Guide to learn how to configure this new feature.
  2. If you do not ever book calls for car service, for on-scene labs, or for telemedicine, then these services will be automatically disabled for you. Afterward they will no longer appear as choices during dispatching, QA, and billing. To re-enable the services, visit the Preferences page under Settings.
  3. The Patients With a Balance report now organizes its data by age, rather than by service.
  4. The Dispatch Create page now displays the PSAP time (the exact date and time the dispatcher's phone rang), permitting it to be edited in the event the dispatcher has inadvertently left her browser window open for a long time and then returned to book an emergent call. Since the PSAP time is now displayed during call-taking, the aforementioned situation will no longer result in the wrong PSAP time being recorded for the call.
  5. The Preferences page now displays the name of the employee who last modified each individual setting, as well as the date and time the modification was performed.
  6. The crew's Run Call page now shows the patient's race, gender, and age, if known.
  7. The PCR's time-performed slider now does a better job maintaining one-minute granularity, even on mobile devices with very small screens.
  8. All of AngelTrack's online help has been moved to the AngelTrack technical support site at Previously, the online help resided in each customer's individual cloud server. By moving all help to the support website, the AngelTrack technical support and R&D departments can now publish help updates immediately, rather than queueing them for inclusion in the next AngelTrack build.
  9. The Medication Edit page's RxCUI lookup tools now work correctly in all browsers.
  10. The Coding page now highlights the ☑ GM modifier checkbox in red whenever the dispatch records show that multiple patients were being simultaneously transported in the ambulance. Usually this situation is the result of dispatch bookkeeping errors, so AngelTrack will now warn the biller when it is automatically ticking the GM modifier.
  11. All AngelTrack pages now trap the F1 key, so that instead of loading the browser help (which nobody needs), the F1 key will load the relevant AngelTrack help document instead. If the AngelTrack page does not have a specific help document, then F1 will load the AngelTrack help index.
  12. The "Billing Notes" column in all billing grids is widened by 20%, to take better advantage of modern wider higher-resolution monitors.
  13. Added new call cancellation reason "Transferred or directed caller to 911", and a new report QI for 911 Transfers Compliance Report available under City and State Reports that allows filtering and sorting of matching dispatches for quick export.
  14. New fields added to the run report:
    1. VIN of assigned vehicle
    2. Tags attached to dispatch
    3. PSAP time phone rang
  15. The persistent "Patient notes" field (the orange one) now appears in the Invoice Generator for Patients, automatically showing the notes for whichever patient is selected. This allows you to make and use notes about how you invoice a particular patient.
  16. The Revenue Accrual Detail Report now includes the "Comments" field of all included payment events and ledger entries.
  17. New article Understanding Nursing Homes is posted. Its intended audience is dispatchers and EMS owners who provide scheduled transportation to nursing homes and SNFs.

Significant bugfixes

  1. When coding a claim for wheelchair (A0130) or gurney (T2005), the Coding page should not display a red warning about insufficient ambulance certifications.
  2. If a duplicate facility record is merged into its parent record, the Customer Portal access code from the duplicate record would stop working, requiring the facility to edit their browser bookmarks.
  3. An error message was returned when the user tries to cancel an X12.837P batch that contains one or more dispatches which were cancelled after the batch was created.
  4. Beginning in build 273, the On-Time Performance Report usually returned an empty result.

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