AngelTrack 2.1 build 274 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2016-Oct-30
All customers 2016-Nov-06

To join the early access program, contact AngelTrack Support at (800) 946-1808.

Improvements and new features

  1. Using the Pricing page, you can now create an unlimited number of patient rates, fully customizable. You can also deactivate and reactivate them at will.
  2. The default prices for auxiliary service lines (e.g. ALS supplies, BLS supplies, ECGs, extra crew members, etc.) will now automatically populate themselves as you code your claims. Of course these defaults can be edited at any time by visiting the "Line Items" tab of the Pricing page under Billing Home.
  3. Attach Document to Patient now calculates and displays the date range for which the new document will appear in the patient's run reports. This date range depends on the document type and on your global document persistence setting, as explained in the Documents Help article.
  4. All document librarian grids now explicitly display the date of each document, rather than just its age in days.
  5. The document persistence rules are changed for the "Emergency contacts / Special needs" document type: it now persists indefinitely until superceded.
  6. The Prior Auths On File page has been reworked to be faster and easier to use. It now includes a bold indication of each document's days remaining, which turns bright red when the document has less than one week left.
  7. GPS positions received from employees using the regular (web browser) AngelTrack interface are now stored separately from GPS positions received from a Beacon app that is reporting on their behalf (i.e. reporting as the employee's E token). This change prevents a crew member's GPS pin from oscillating back and forth between two locations, as occurs when an employee has a Beacon running in a mobile device in one location while actively using AngelTrack on a different device in a different location.
  8. Employee HR Edit, Employee Self Edit, and Vehicle Edit pages now all report Beacon status information (if any) for their respective tokens.
  9. New Beacon Status Report, available in Supervisor Home, shows all issued tokens and their respective statuses.
  10. The Vehicle Edit page now shows a mini-map with a pin showing the vehicle's GPS position, if the vehicle has a Beacon token and has reported its position. A stale position (older than ten minutes) is displayed with a question-mark icon, whereas a fresh position is displayed with a van icon.
  11. On the Dispatch Create page, there is now a small icon of a human hand in the upper-right corner of the map. Mousing over the hand will allow you to grab the map in order to pan and zoom.
  12. When a payment event has been created by an X12.835 EDI document, Payment Event Edit no longer allows editing of most of its fields. You can still edit the comments, and you can still delete and undelete it. This restriction is put in place because most of the fields in an EDI-derived payment event record are taken directly from the EDI and thus are not subject to typographical errors that would later require correction.
  13. The Genie can now find invoices, using any of these search criteria:
  14. Patient Edit has a new "Claims" tab which shows a grid of the patient's active insurance claims. The grid is in the same format as the Carrier Pending Report which is a divedown under the Insurance Pending Report.
  15. Coding page now supports the QJ modifier, for use in billing Medicare on behalf of prisoners who are responsible for their own healthcare bills.
  16. QA Review page now permits the QA reviewer to tick or untick the ☑ Insurable checkbox, when second-guessing the billing settings chosen by the dispatcher.
  17. The Revenue Accrual Report's divedown Revenue Accrual Detail Report now reports a writeoff's counterparty as the current payor. In other words, if a call's payor field was set to "patient" when it was written off, then that writeoff will show the patient as the counterparty. Likewise for facilities and affiliates.
  18. A warning message will now be sent to an employee's configured messaging address if a different employee alters their messaging settings. This protects employees from a manager disabling their messaging settings, altering their timecard, then re-enabling their messaging settings again.
  19. The Dispatch Runtimes and Lates report now contains additional columns, for use in producing emergency response time reports. Note that you must adjust several of the filters in order to see just the emergent unscheduled calls.
  20. The Billing Activity Visualizer is massively improved with many new columns and a new "underlying data" grid. It is an excellent way to review the volume of billing activity performed during any given time period, including subtotals of monetary amounts. Consequently, it is the perfect tool for calculating a biller's monthly commissions.
  21. As a result of two different customers experiencing financial losses after an employee made unauthorized modifications to the retail price schema, AngelTrack now protects the retail price schema against modifications. To accomplish this, AngelTrack now has a new security role, named Principal. It is the only role with permission to modify the retail price schema. Employees can be added to or removed from that role only by a call to AngelTrack Headquarters Technical Support at (800) 946-1808. We have already designated an appropriate employee as your Principal; this is indicated by a star ★ next to the employee's name in the Employee List.
  22. The members of the new Principal role are also the only employees with authority to sign the AngelTrack TOS document, thereby binding your company, your reseller, and AngelTrack LLC in the legal agremeent. If and when the TOS is ever updated, your Principal will be shown the new document and asked to sign it again.
  23. When uploading a .PDF file, if the embedded images are in the unsupported JPEG 2000 format (instead of than the regular JPEG format), AngelTrack will now detect this and issue a warning. You can ignore the warning, in which case AngelTrack will store the .PDF whole, rather than extracting its images in the usual way. Whole .PDFs do not appear in run reports, the way that all other document types do.

Significant bugfixes

  1. When accessing AngelTrack from a smartphone with a low-resolution screen, the Today Bar on the dispatch board refused to shrink small enough to fit onto the screen with the rest of the page content. Likewise for the hour/minute bars at the tops of the daily and weekly Calendars.
  2. An application error was sometimes returned when attempting to export a patient's historical run reports from their patient file, owing to a problem with the new feature (in build 273) that would include a chart of each run's payment events.
  3. When a patient invoice does not have a destination address (owing to missing address information in the patient's record), the Invoices list failed to display a party name for that invoice.
  4. Beginning in build 273, attempts to edit the rows in an employee's "Payroll history" grid will sometimes return an application error.

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