AngelTrack 2.1 build 272 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2016-Oct-09
All customers 2016-Oct-09

To join the early access program, contact AngelTrack Support at (800) 946-1808.

Improvements and new features

  1. Your lists of ZIP codes and counties served -- both reportable to your state trauma registry in your "DEM" demographic upload -- are now automatically configured using your dispatch data. Of course you can also configure them manually in the usual way, by visiting Settings and clicking Business Information.
  2. On the Live Map, posting locations now appear with much smaller icons than full stations.
  3. The automatic uploader for state trauma registries now supports county-level granularity, for the benefit of California which requires county-level reporting instead of state-level reporting.
  4. The LAPSS stroke screen in the PCR Assessment page is now saved once per dispatch, rather than once per assessment. This way, the completed stroke screen will appear alongside every assessment the crew performs.
  5. Import an EDI Document now tolerates X12.835s which report two separate adjudications on the same date for the same claim.
  6. Every patient record now has a "Patient notes" field, which can be reviewed and updated from the following places:
  7. The Affiliates with a Balance report now organizes receivable amounts by age, rather than by service.
  8. When merging a duplicate patient record, all datafields from the duplicate are now scraped to fill in any missing datafields in the master record. Therefore you are now spared the tedium of copying over individual fields before merging.

Significant bugfixes

  1. When a "Non-Covered Destination" [NCD] signature is required and not yet collected, the PCR is supposed to open the NCD signature form so as to prompt the crew for the missing signature... however the PCR opened the wrong signature form.

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