AngelTrack 2.1 build 271 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2016-Sep-25
All customers 2016-Oct-02

To join the early access program, contact AngelTrack Support at (800) 946-1808.

Improvements and new features

  1. AngelTrack cloud servers will no longer accept incoming HTTPS connections that are secured by these older security standards: Beginning in this build, AngelTrack will only accept an incoming HTTPS connection when it is secured by a modern security standard: All modern browsers and devices support at least TLS v1.0, so your employees should not notice any change.
  2. The Insurance Review Queue's new popover now includes the dispatch's tags list (if any), as well as a warning icon which appears whenever a "Non-Covered Destination" signature has been collected from the patient.
  3. The Bulk Excel Export grid now loads dramatically faster, so that it will not take so long to filter down to the desired subset of records.
  4. Billers can now purchase AngelTrack authorization keys.
  5. The Tags List has a new Tag Edit page which offers a filterable grid of thus-tagged dispatches, plus a dupe-finder with merge functionality. When merging tag A into tag B, all dispatches with tag A will be automatically given tag B, then tag A will be removed from the dispatches, and then tag A will be deactivated (for future re-use).
  6. Payment Event Finder has new filters: Therefore you can now locate payment events by dollar amount. What's more, the dollar-amount filter field has an autocomplete/typeahead helper so that you can locate the payment event without knowing the exact amount of cents.
  7. The Invoice Aging Report now includes a details grid which shows all balances currently owing, for all invoiced parties, divided into 30-day intervals by age.
  8. The Invoices List finally has filtering by age bracket.
  9. New report Medicare Rate Browser available under Billing Home allows you to look up the Medicare published rates for all different service codes, for any ZIP code you wish.
  10. There is now highly detailed journalling of all coding changes made after a dispatch is initially coded.
  11. Invoices List can now bulk export the contents of selected invoices into a single spreadsheet for transfer to a collections agency. The underlying export process will automatically remove duplicate dispatches from the list, so that overlapping invoices do not mislead the collections agency.
  12. Insurance Review Queue now has a "Quick Approve" link to bypass the review form and immediately send the dispatch for coding. This is meant to be used for your frequent-flier patients, where you are immediately certain of your decision to file an insurance claim.
  13. If bulk marking your calls as "Claim filed" from the Insurance Filing Queue -- in other words if you are not batching your calls in AngelTrack for electronic filing -- then AngelTrack will now calculate the total expected claim price, taking account of any coding you may have done. The calculated price will be pushed down to the underlying dispatch's price quote, if no price quote was already set by a dispatcher. By setting the underlying price quotes in this manner, your bulk-filed claims will now register the claimed dollar amounts in AngelTrack's various insurance/pending/revenue reports, even though AngelTrack did not perform the EDI batching (i.e. even though AngelTrack is not certain that the claim was priced, transmitted, and received correctly).
  14. All dispatches previously bulk-filed (i.e. not batched in AngelTrack for electronic filing), which are lacking both a price quote and an allowed price, will have their price quotes retroactively calculated in the aforementioned manner. Consequently you may see sudden increases in your insurance/pending/revenue reports, as your not-yet-priced externally-filed receivables get their first price quotes. (Later, when EOBs arrive, adjudicated prices will override these price quotes in the usual way.)
  15. The Facilities With a Balance report now organizes balances by age, rather than by service level. It no longer tallies (via price estimation) calls that are not yet price quoted or price adjudicated.
  16. The Revenue Accrual Report's divedown report Revenue Accrual Detail now organizes all dollar amounts by their AR net change, rather than by their gross monetary amount, so as to be more useful to accountants.
  17. AngelTrack's XML/XSLT engine, which performs the NEMSIS validations of run reports at various points in the postprocess workflow, is now updated from XMLPrime v2.9.4 to v3.0.4. The new version promises significantly faster validations.

Significant bugfixes

  1. Beginning in build 270, the export of an invoice to Excel will fail for some invoices.
  2. Beginning in build 270, the Insurance Payor ID Edit page failed to load for certain payor IDs.
  3. The new Carrier Pending Report was supposed to display the date each claim was processed by the carrier, as well as the payor control number issued by the carrier... but did not.
  4. Beginning in build 269, the "Crew" tab of the Dispatch Edit page did not allow additional crew members to be manually attached to an open call; they could only be attached after the call was closed.
  5. Beginning in build 269, if a dispatch is tagged with a tag that has since been retired (disabled), that dispatch would no longer load in the Dispatch Edit page.

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