AngelTrack 2.1 build 269 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 your local time on Sunday morning.

Early access 2016-Sep-03
All customers 2016-Sep-03

To join the early access program, contact AngelTrack Support at (800) 946-1808.

Improvements and new features

  1. When you click the "Select Files for Attach" button on one of the many AngelTrack pages where it appears, you are activating AngelTrack's smart file-uploader gadget. This gadget is a third-party component named AjaxFileUpload. In this build we updated the gadget from version 3 to the new version 4. The new version contains a variety of bugfixes and improvements in order to work better on a greater variety of devices and browsers. Please report any anomalies related to file-uploads to AngelTrack Support.
  2. The Great Filtering Overhaul of 2016 continues, adding MBQ-style flexible filters (including tags and service levels) to the following grids:
  3. When exporting any grid to .CSV, the downloaded file's name will now include the name of the EMS agency. This is done to assist billing agencies who are handling multiple EMS customers and thus dealing with many downloaded files. For example:
    Old filename format: Export.your_login_name.2016-08-05-12-34-00.csv
    New filename format: Export.AcmeEMS.your_login_name.2016-08-05-12-34-00.csv
  4. When closing an invoice as Sold to Collections, there is now a link conveniently available to download the invoice's receivable data that will be needed by the collections agency. Previously, you had to visit the "Dispatches" tab of the Invoice Edit page in order to retrieve this data.
  5. The dive-down report under the Revenue Accrual Report can now be told to ungroup the records, allowing column-based sorting.
  6. When searching for a payor ID by name, the search function now performs soundalike matching, which ignores spaces, dashes, commas, capitalization, and the like. Therefore it will now be far easier to find a payor ID even when you are misremembering the carrier's name.
  7. Yet more formatting and layout improvements to invoice printout and export-as-PDF.
  8. The Prior Authorization Queue now shows calls where the patient's insurance is unknown.
  9. The threshold for automatic ticking of a patient's ☑ Bariatric checkbox has been raised from 280 pounds to 300 pounds, to fall into line with the guidelines published by the American Nurses Association.
  10. New report Insurance Pending Report available under Billing Home shows the subtotals of all outstanding insurance claims for each carrier.

Significant bugfixes

  1. The Invoice Generator for Affiliates always showed all active affiliates in the list, rather than just those who have items ready for invoicing.

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