AngelTrack 2.0 build 259 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 local time Sunday morning.

Early access 2016-May-08
All customers 2016-May-15

To join the early access program, contact AngelTrack Support at (800) 946-1808.

Special provisions

For QA purposes, this build will be released on the same day as build 258, which has been held back in anticipation of this. All customers will immediately receive all features and all bugfixes from both builds.

Improvements and new features

  1. Dispatchers can now tick any of the patient's eight "barriers to EMS care" checkboxes during calltaking. Any checked fields are noted under the "Warnings" column on the dispatch board, and in the "Patient warnings" field in the crew's Run Call page.
  2. The following grids can now filter by the latest insurance payment event (aka the insurance claim status), in addition to all the other filters:
  3. 140 additional values added to the "Type of scene" dropdown list, which is part of the Followup.
  4. The PMHx data (medial history, allergies, medications) has been moved from PCR Patient to a new PCR PMHx tab. PMHx turns red when it has not been reviewed in the past 60 days.
  5. The PCR PMHx page's lists of current medications and medication allergies now have popup search helpers, which can search AngelTrack's built-in 12,000-record medication list (sourced from the RxNAV database).
  6. Support for Australian differences in BLS crew composition rules.
  7. All patient demographic data fields, in the PCR and in the dispatch and billing areas, now disable any autocomplete features in the browser.
  8. The PCR Patient page now locks the patient name fields. The crew member must click "Unlock" and answer a confirmation box before the fields can be edited. This is to prevent crews from completely changing the name of the patient record in the event their dispatcher has attached the incorrect patient record to the call.
  9. A large number of new datafields are added to the PCR, in order to support a larger subset of the NEMSIS "recommended" and "optional" fields (versus those marked "mandatory"/"required" for compliance).
  10. User-created custom PCR fields are now exported within the NEMSIS uploads to your state trauma registry.
  11. The NEMSIS XML Toolbox now indents all generated XML in the traditional way, for easier reading.
  12. The Business Information page now displays a checkbox table of all ZIP codes in your home state. You can just tick the checkbox beside every ZIP code in your service area. This information is uploaded to your state trauma registry in the mandatory NEMSIS "demographic" upload.
  13. Vehicles have a new "state permit number" datafield, included in NEMSIS uploads to your state trauma registry.
  14. All signature legal (aka template) texts now include Spanish translations, which are professional human translations of the built-in texts. If you have modified the built-in texts, your modifications are not reflected in the translations; you must obtain your own re-translations.
  15. Can now attach a scan or photo of a receipt to any vehicle maintenance event record.
  16. Notification emails / texts sent to crew members now include the AngelTrack URL. Notification emails sent to affiliates now include the URL for the affiliate to view their dispatch board in the Affiliate Portal.
  17. The employee's current IP address is now captured when the employee signs (or refuses to sign) a formal writeup.
  18. New report: Revenue Accrual displays a traditional A/R balance report, as both a chart and a table. Like all reports in AngelTrack, it is exportable to Excel with one mouseclick.
  19. Employees who are not administrators can now view AngelTrack's Preferences page, but cannot make changes.

Significant bugfixes

  1. In the Master Billing Queue, the "Billing" column was not sortable, owing to an invalid sort key.
  2. Beacon app tokens with the leading 'V' or the 'E' in lowercase were rejected.
  3. If a dispatcher manually detaches all crew members from a completed call before the call has graduated QA and gone on to the Billing office, and does not attach any replacement crew members, then the call will be orphaned, waiting forever for a crew member to finish the report. The orphaned call would not show up in the Crew QA Status report.
  4. If an 835 EDI specifies a patient name correction but does so in an illegal manner:
    NM1*74*1*DOE JR
    ...then AngelTrack will fail to parse the data. The name correction should be specified like this:
    ...but it is unlikely that the insurance carrier is willing to update their software. Therefore AngelTrack must tolerate 835 EDIs which are formatted in this manner.
  5. Notification emails/texts were sometimes not sent to all affected crew members when a dispatch was unassigned from their shift.
  6. Beginning in build 257, BillFlash exports no longer matched the default AngelTrack template at the BillFlash website, on account of a new "ServiceCodeDescription" field that was added on customer request. To fix the problem, the added "ServiceCodeDescription" field is no longer included in BillFlash exports; the data will instead appear in the existing "ServiceCode" field.

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