AngelTrack 2.0 build 257 release notes

Release dates

New releases are always installed during a maintenance window, at 02:00 local time Sunday morning.

Early access 2016-April-11
All customers 2016-April-17

To join the early access program, contact AngelTrack Support at (800) 946-1808.

Improvements and new features

  1. AngelTrack R&D is proud to present: the Genie. Genie  The Genie can quickly locate any of these frequently-used records: You can summon the Genie from any AngelTrack page: simply press ALT+G. Or you can click the lamp icon, which is located in the top icon bar. The Genie will popover the page without perturbing your work.
  2. All AngelTrack "Save" buttons are now shortcutted as ALT+S, allowing you to quickly save without the need to scroll down and click the button.
  3. The icon row at the top of every AngelTrack page is now shortcutted like this:

    Icon Function Shortcut
    Home Return to the AngelTrack home page. ALT+H
    Open the active dispatch board. ALT+A
    Book a new dispatch. ALT+N
    Open the active shifts list. ALT+V
    Visit the Billing home page. ALT+B
    Summon the Genie to search for something. ALT+G
    Use the incident system. ALT+I
    Use the timeclock system. ALT+T
    Visit the Crew Home page. ALT+C
    Logout of AngelTrack. ALT+X

  4. PCR Patient page now has direct recording of a patient's pregnancy status, in addition to the indirect method of an impression value. When a patient is thus marked as possibly or certainly pregnant, a bright warning will be displayed on the PCR Medications page.
  5. The followup field "Reason for stretcher" -- a dropdown list -- includes a new choice: "[None / Stretcher not required]". When this value is selected, a red warning will be displayed to the QA reviewer if they select BLS, ALS, or MICU as the service provided.
  6. Can now upload/attach documents to vehicles, in the same manner as uploading/attaching documents to employees.
  7. New "ServiceCodeDescription" field added to BillFlash invoice exports, used to explain the meaning of the CMS service code.
  8. The Revenue Trends Report has been reworked yet again, this time to improve the readability of the "underlying data" grid at the bottom of the report.
  9. The business name/address/phone/fax/email fields that appear in each invoice's letterhead are now separate from the business name/address/phone/fax/email fields that appear in the 837P rendering provider loop (2310B or 2010AA), so that the business name and contact information printed on your invoices can be different from the business name and contact information registered with Medicare. If you have already configured your rendering provider fields (which previously appeared in the invoice letterhead), the configured values have been automatically copied to the invoice letterhead fields; therefore you will see no change in your invoices.
  10. The Business Identification page under Settings has been reorganized to be less confusing when you are filling out your billing provider and/or rendering provider datafields (837P loops 2010AA and 2310B).
  11. The Insurance Payor ID List Import feature now has options for overwrite/update of existing records, so that you can import a fresh payor ID list from your clearinghouse without losing any customizations you have already done to your payor ID records (e.g. name changes).
  12. For Australian customers: Phone number fields now accept 13, 1300, 180, and 1800 phone numbers. These are the toll-free numbers, equivalent to the 1-800 numbers in USA.

Significant bugfixes

  1. Printed run reports should display the patient's height and weight in both imperial and metric units.
  2. If a checklist contains an expiration date item, and that item is marked as a section/group checkoff, then an error will be displayed when the checklist is reopened.
  3. Invoices exported to BillFlash incorrectly show zeroes in their 'Distance' fields.
  4. The facility service-request icon on the Dispatch Create page fails to open the facility service-request popup.
  5. A return-trip dispatch assigned to a crew, but which is holding while its outbound-trip completes, fails to appear in the assigned crew's list of upcoming dispatches.

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