AngelTrack 2.0 build 256 (2016-04-10) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. Many additional fields added to the BillFlash exporter, allowing you to arrange your BillFlash invoices with all the same data as your native AngelTrack invoices.
  2. The "Save" button on the Invoice Close page is now protected against accidental double-submit, which can occur in overcrowded wifi networks at busy offices. Consumer-grade wifi access points are not reliable with more than four simultaneous active devices; all of your dispatch and billing workstations should be connected by wired ethernet, so as to leave the wifi access point free for tablets and smartphones.
  3. There is a new invoice closed status: unpaid. This status was added in order to differentiate between an invoice that was genuinely cancelled (i.e. never sent out), versus an invoice that was sent out and then ignored by the customer. The new "unpaid" status is functionally identical to "cancelled", except there is not the option to back out any payment events and ledger entries that it may have already created.
  4. Invoices list now has the capability to bulk mark invoices as unpaid. Simply tick the checkbox next to each invoice you wish to close as unpaid, then click "Close as unpaid". Has no effect on invoices that are already closed.
  5. NEMSIS v3.4.0 Schematron validation failures are now displayed in a special column in the "Validation failures" grid of the State Upload Queue, to make it easy to correct the errors before upload to your state trauma registry.
  6. The NEMSIS XML Workbench, available under Billing Home, has convenient new options for Schematron validations.
  7. The status of validation and upload to the state trauma registry is now displayed on the "Billing" tab of the Dispatch Edit page.
  8. The Revenue Trends Report now includes "other" revenue (labs and telemedicine), and now displays the chart's underlying data in a neat grid beneath the chart.
  9. Coding page now supports A0420 service lines, to charge for ambulance waiting time... although only a few carriers pay for this code. The price will be automatically loaded from the "Standby minutes" setting of the appropriate price schema.
  10. Coding page now supports A0394 service lines, to charge for ALS IV supplies... although only a few carriers pay for this code. The option to charge for A0394 is aware of PCR data and so will be clickable only if the necessary IV activity records are present.
  11. In the PCR's Review page, abnormal exam findings are now explicitly listed, rather than merely counted, to benefit crew members using small-screened mobile devices.

Significant bugfixes

  1. The Revenue Trends Report would return an error if no contracted facilities are on file.
  2. On certain Android devices, saving a PCR assessment with one or more physical findings on the body-map would return the "application error" page.
  3. If a patient's DOB is recorded as today (i.e. the same date as the dispatch), the subsequent NEMSIS upload would fail validation.
  4. If a dispatcher delegates a call to an affiliate who does their own billing, AngelTrack would thereafter deny the dispatcher permission to modify the dispatch's followup data.
  5. If more than two announcements are queued up for an employee, the first such announcement will be repeatedly re-shown in-between each subsequent announcement. For example, if announcements 10, 22, 33, and 44 are queued up, then the following announcement list will be displayed: 10, 22, 10, 33, 10, 44, 10.

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