AngelTrack 2.0 build 255 (2016-03-27) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. The insurance payor ID finder pages now have very handy typeahead helpers, to speed up the process of locating the right record.
  2. You can now record street address, phone number, and notes for each insurance payor ID. When a street address is recorded for the designated payor ID in a claim, the street address information will be included in the 837P and/or CMS-1500. Although 5010 no longer requires the insurer's street address information to be included in the 837P, a few clearinghouses are still running out-of-date software and so require it.
  3. Can now bulk import a new or updated list of insurance payor IDs, to refresh or expand the list stored in AngelTrack. The latest list can be downloaded from your clearinghouse. If the list is an Excel spreadsheet, then you must save it as .CSV in order to import it.
  4. Can now specify a custom location, up to 30 characters of freeform text, describing where a shift is to post.
  5. Shifts can now be marked ☑ Collect signatures at start and end of shift, for when the crew is required to collect a signature from their host/customer/supervisor when they begin and end their posting. When a shift is thus marked, the crew will see a bright yellow prompt on their Crew Home Page, reminding them to collect the signatures. You'll use this feature when offering paid standby services, such as for public events or for on-site EMS stationing at factories and warehouses.
  6. On the dispatch board, the Today Bar's estimates of call completion time are now aware of crew progress. The estimates will continually adjust as crews make their progress button presses.
  7. Checklists With Problems report now automatically hides all problem checklists over 30 days old, though they can be unhidden.
  8. Invoices can now be exported in bulk to BillFlash. The Invoices page allows you to select as many rows as you wish, for a single bulk export ready to be uploaded to BillFlash.
  9. In the PCR Assessment page, exam findings are now automatically positioned wherever the user clicks, rather than being auto-positioned. This way, users need not rearrange their exam findings later -- a process which required a non-touchscreen device.
  10. Using the Insurance Payor IDs List, billers can now flag specific insurance carriers that fail to support decimal mileage. When filing a claim against a primary or secondary carrier that is thus flagged, AngelTrack will round any transport mileage less than 1 mile up to 1 mile, and any mileage greater than 1 mile to the nearest whole mile.
  11. In the followup, the "Enroute driving" field must now be answered if the crew arrived onscene, and the "Transport driving" must now be answered if the crew arrived at destination, before a report can be sent to QA.

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