AngelTrack 2.0 build 254 (2016-03-20) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. The PCR Assessment page's "Acute symptoms" dropdown list is now populated with the latest (Feb 2016) list of suggested codes from NEMSIS, and the items in the list are now ordered by health category.
  2. The Coding page now automatically enables or disables the A0422 (oxygen) and A0424 (extra crew members) based on PCR data. The A0424 quantity is also automatically set.
  3. The Coding page now supports all of the following:
  4. Under Settings you can now specify logo image URLs for the secure (HTTPS:) side of AngelTrack, separately from those used for the insecure (customer portal) side of AngelTrack. This prevents browser warnings from secure pages about loading insecure content.
  5. AngelTrack now has onboard the list of all 186,040 cities, towns, and villages in the United States. These are used as typeahead helpers in "City" fields for dispatchers, and for looking up GNIS codes for NEMSIS uploads to your state trauma registry.
  6. Calls left overnight on the dispatch board are now displayed as "will call", and are no longer included in the today bar.
  7. Autocompose is now smarter about how it describes "normal" exam findings.
  8. Autocompose now discusses vitals, assessments, and procedures that were performed after arriving at destination.
  9. The price schemas "Patient rate 1", "Patient rate 2", and "Patient rate 3" can now be renamed, using the Pricing page.
  10. Can now assign custom ID numbers to AngelTrack shifts, in order to match them up with records in your scheduling software. The custom ID numbers can even be duplicates, if one record ID in your scheduling software maps to multiple shift records in AngelTrack.
  11. New built-in announcement "Updating a Patient's Insurance Information" explains to crews when they should and should not unlock the patient's insurance information in the PCR.
  12. The Call Volume Visualizer report now has filter choices for viewing the numbers of completed calls, delegated calls, or both.

Significant bugfixes

  1. If a biller forgets to set (or finish setting) a location modifier, AngelTrack should refuse to batch the call for transmission to the clearinghouse.
  2. The two "Liters / minute" values in the PCR Medications page's list of available dosage units should've been differentiated as liquid and gas.
  3. Beginning in build 253, the "Fuel Receipts" tab of the Vehicle Edit page was broken.
  4. If a dispatch is delegated to an affiliate who is marked ☑ Independent billing, the dispatch will be automatically marked non-billable and then closed. If that dispatch is then retroactively reassigned to a shift (i.e. to a crew who was on-duty at the time), the billable flag should be automatically reset, but was not.

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