AngelTrack 2.0 build 253 (2016-03-13) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. New preference setting ☑ Emergent and ALS+ reports are always selected for review allows you to reduce your QA rate for non-emergent BLS calls while still reviewing 100% of emergent and ALS calls.
  2. Coding page now allows you to specify a rendering provider ID to be written into loop 2310B (CMS-1500 box 24j) in order to satisfy certain state Medicaid carriers that issue you an ID number and then require loop 2310B to contain that ID number. This requirement contradicts the 837P specification, which provides a REF*G2 segment for the purpose... but you can now override the specification and place whatever data is demanded into loop 2310B.
  3. New PCR signature form "Payment Authorization by Guarantor", for use when payment authorization is provided by an employee of the contracted facility where the patient lives or works. Remember, you can modify the boilerplate text in each signature form to meet your needs.
  4. For the sake of NEMSIS 3.4.0 compliance and state trauma registry uploads, the PCR followup field "Reason for choosing destination" is now mandatory when transport has occurred.
  5. PCR Vitals now accepts the patient's body temperature in Farenheit or Celsius, whichever unit the crew prefers.
  6. Bulk exports in NEMSIS 3 XML format are now consolidated in a single .XML file, rather than multiple files.
  7. New State Upload Queue available in Billing Home for managing data uploads to your state trauma registry. AngelTrack now keeps track of which runs require upload to the state, versus which have already been done... and per NEMSIS requirements, it updates the list whenever dispatch records or patient records change. Therefore you do not have to keep track of re-uploads when the underlying data changes; it's all automatic.
    In the coming weeks, this queue will receive automation features so that you no longer need to manually batch and upload your data to the state. For now, you must perform the batching and uploading yourself, while AngelTrack performs the recordkeeping to decide what needs to be uploaded.
  8. New built-in announcement "HIPAA Requirements for Personal Devices" reminds crew members of their obligations when using a personally-owned mobile device in the line of duty. The new announcement is inactive; you must activate it in order to show it to your crews and supervisors. To learn more about HIPAA compliance and mobile devices, read the HIPAA Compliance Guide.

Significant bugfixes

  1. In metric countries, the fuel tracking system should use litres, rather than gallons.
  2. Beginning in build 252, the "Excel" link, to download an invoice in Excel 2003 XML format, returns an error message.
  3. Beginning in build 252, attempting to add a medication to the medications list returns an error message.

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