AngelTrack 2.0 build 246 (2016-01-17) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. When opening the Payor ID Selector popup from the Coding page, the relevant patient data checkpoint is now pre-selected.
  2. Record a Payment Event now has a popup calculator for figuring the effective allowed price while reading a Medicare/Medicaid EOB which lists the CO-253 reductions without subtracting them from the allowed price. To learn more about the CO-253 reductions, how AngelTrack handles them, and their tax implications, read the EOB Price Allowed and Amount Sequestered guide.
  3. Import an EDI now supports .ZIP files, so long as they contain only one actual EDI file. Non-EDI files inside the .ZIP are ignored.
  4. The recently added Call Cancellation Reasons report is now far more useful due to its new ☑ Hide calls where no reason for cancellation was given option.
  5. The Invoices page can now select multiple invoices and print them in bulk, neatly separated by pagebreaks.
  6. The ☑ Crew must record a dose ID number from the vial flag has now been turned on for all medications marked as "narcotic". Supervisors can turn the flag back off if they wish. To learn more about dose tracking and DEA compliance, read the Narcotics Compliance guide.
  7. The Medication Usage Report in Supervisor Home is now improved with more details, including separate totals for number of doses used versus number of doses wasted.
  8. The very handy Line Items Report now indicates which 'Finished' dispatches have been sold to collections, versus which have been paid off or written off.
  9. Facility Revenue Analysis dive-down report (per facility) now separately displays revenues to-date versus revenues projected. The projections are based on actual call volume and historic average final revenue per call.
  10. Payment Event Edit now displays the annotated sections of the 837P that pertain to the associated dispatch, in a new "837P Annotated" tab.

Significant bugfixes

  1. 837P loop 2430 contents adjusted to correct rejections from certain Medicaid insurers.
  2. If a dispatcher who is not a crew member cancels a scheduled call, an error message is displayed: "No permission to access followup data for this dispatch record. Crew members can access only those dispatch records which are assigned to them."

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