AngelTrack 2.0 build 245 (2016-01-03) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. To eliminate potential confusion, any debits/credits recorded as an "Other discount" or as a "Service charge" are now always voided when there is a "Price allowed" (i.e. a price adjudicated by insurance) set. There are no longer any exceptions. Note: voided does not mean deleted: the records are still present, but they are not factored into the balance due. If the "Price allowed" is later cleared, then the discounts and service charges will once again apply, and so the balance due will change.
  2. Commissions and Writeoffs Calculator is now called Taxes and Commissions Calculator.
  3. The recently-added Line Items Report is now dramatically faster, by processing only a subset of the full column list available from the Bulk Excel Export tool. Because both reports offer the same filters, you can easily run the same query using either report, as your needs dictate.
  4. Taxes and Commissions Calculator now calculates and displays the contractual adjustment separately from the total cash writeoff, for the benefit of those using accrual accounting.
  5. Taxes and Commissions Calculator now calculates and displays the totals for insured calls separately from uninsured calls, for the benefit of your accountants.
  6. Bulk Excel Export tool now has its pricing and receivables columns split out for easier tax computations, in the same new format as the Taxes and Commissions Calculator.
  7. Taxes and Commissions Calculator export dataset now contains the same detailed financial information columns as the Bulk Excel Export tool.
  8. New "Patient transported by facility vehicle" value added to the list of call cancellation reasons.

Significant bugfixes

  1. On the Invoice Close page, the option to cancel the invoice includes a checkbox that offers to also delete the associated payment events and ledger entries. The balance indicated for the ledger entry -- the one created earlier by the invoice -- was displayed incorrectly.
  2. Zero-valued ledger items -- used for making notes in a facility's or affiliate's ledger -- should not appear in invoices.
  3. Payment Event Add fails to display the current balance due when the "Retail", "Contract", or "Patient" price quote radiobuttons are selected.

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