AngelTrack 2.0 build 239 (2015-11-22) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. Facilities Potential Payables Report is now called Facility Obligations Report, and its dive-down page Calls Payable by Facility Report is now called Facility Obligated Dispatches Report.
  2. Call Volume by Day of Week Report is reworked to be more readable, because it turns out not everyone is a database programmer. :)
  3. The Affiliate Portal is now usable by affiliates that do not report their progress. For them, instead of seeing grids of "Active" and "Scheduled" calls, they see grids of "Today" and "Later" calls.
  4. Announcements targeted at supervisors are now also shown to administrators, for cases where key employees are configured as administrators instead of as members of many different roles.
  5. When viewing the "Announcements" tab of an employee's file, clicking any signature-required announcement will show the employee's signature given when he or she acknowledged the announcement, in a page layout suitable for printing as proof the employee saw and signed the announcement.
  6. The Employee Edit page is now called the Employee File page.
  7. Payment Event Edit page now includes links to the event's source, if the source is an EDI batch, a PCR medication record, a PCR lab test record, or an invoice.
  8. Coding page now has dedicated UI for the 'QL' modifier.
  9. The Import an EDI 997/999/277CA and Import an EOB 835 pages are now merged into page named Import an EDI Document which auto-detects the type of document uploaded.
  10. Record a Payment Event page now has a UI widget that can decode EDI control numbers -- generated by AngelTrack during claims coding -- that appear in paper EOBs.
  11. All billing queues now have a visual indication of which insurance policy (primary or secondary) they are currently coded for filing against. The visual indication is a thin dotted outline around the selected insurance.
  12. EDI batches now have names. The name will be set automatically when the batch is created, and can be edited later.

Significant bugfixes

  1. Error message returned when saving after clearing a patient's DOB and leaving it blank.
  2. If a dispatcher is editing the Dispatch Followup when another dispatcher closes the call, attempting to save the followup will return an error message.
  3. In the "Receivables" tab of Patient Edit, changing the Payor of a dispatch returned an error message.
  4. If a dispatch has both a "Claim filed" and an "Approval" payment event on the same date, the dispatch will sometimes enter the Insurance Exception Queue when instead it should've entered the Insurance Filing Queue for filing against a secondary.

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