AngelTrack 2.0 build 235 (2015-10-25) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. All insurance queues, along with the Coding page, now show visible indications of patients whose payor ID(s) still need to be set.
  2. Helpful color-coding when viewing the decoded 277CA document for a batch (via Edit Batch), for a payment event (via Edit Payment Event), and for a dispatch (via Coding).
  3. Payment Event Edit now shows only those lines from the 997/999 that pertain to the associated dispatch, rather than the entire document.
  4. The retroactive booking feature on Dispatch Followup now allows the time activated and the time assigned to be edited independently.
  5. New report Vehicle City Certificates Overview lists all cities for which a vehicle certificate type has been defined, and a count of ambulances and wheelchair vans which carry a valid certificate of each type.
  6. Vehicle city certificate checks are now performed by the Dispatch Create page -- i.e. during call-taking -- for both ambulances and wheelchair vans, with visual indications of compliance and non-compliance.
  7. Dispatch Assign now shows [N/A] under the "City Cert Status" column when the dispatch's origin city is not defined as a vehicle certificate type. This way, cities which do not require vehicle certificates will show up as [N/A], whereas cities which do require one will show up as ✘ or ✔.
  8. Insurance Filing Queue now has a large set of flexible filters in the style of the Master Billing Records page. New filters include:
  9. Dispatchers can now view the Employees List, though they cannot open individual employee files.
  10. Bulk Excel Export output now includes new columns:
  11. All 277CA error code and entity code explanatory texts have been groomed to be more human-readable, versus the specification-verbatim explanations previously used.
  12. Insurance Filing Queue now has graphic icons showing whether each patient's payor IDs have been set/locked.
  13. The payor ID "Change" button is now called "Unlock", in order to help crew members understand the gravity of unsetting a patient's payor ID.
  14. Systemwide UI improvements in order to bring all pages back into conformity with the AngelTrack UI guideline "It is always safe to click a link; only buttons make changes to the database.". There were numerous examples of buttons that made no changes to the database -- meaning: buttons which should have been links. Such rule violations contributed to the false impression that some buttons can be clicked without making changes to the database.
  15. Coding page now warns if too few or too many ambulance certifications are selected.
  16. Systemwide color-coding changes in order to bring all pages back into conformity with the AngelTrack UI guideline "Red indicates a problem":
  17. Systemwide UI guideline change: when a link will automatically open in a new tab, rather than being marked with a right arrow, it will now be marked with an ellipsis. For example, a help link that opens in a new tab was previously displayed as Help→ but is now displayed as Help… so as to avoid any confusion about what the arrow → might've been pointing at.

Significant bugfixes

  1. The Master Billing Records page's "Service Level Is" filter did not work, although "Service Level Is Not" filter did.
  2. In the "Billing" tab of Facility Edit, the Medicare carrier, locality, GCPI, class, and rate lookups did not fire when a 9-digit ZIP code was specified; they only fired for 5-digit ZIP codes.
  3. Assembly of an 837P batch would fail with an error page if an included claim had insurance but no payor ID was set.
  4. Attempting to download a facility invoice in Excel XML format resulted in an error message.