AngelTrack 2.0 build 234 (2015-10-18) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. X12.277CA Workbench is now available, for decoding and exploring 277CA files -- whether or not they are associated with AngelTrack.
  2. Insurance Transmission Queue now accepts and processes 277CA acknowledgement files from the clearinghouse, automatically pushing rejected dispatches back for re-coding as necessary.
  3. Full explanatory decoding of 277CA messages from the clearinghouse.
  4. Edit Batch page now offers an annotated view of the 837P document. For each line in the document, the segment numbers and dispatch ID is displayed.
  5. Edit Batch page now shows the 997/999 and 277CA documents associated with the batch, in addition to the 837P. For each document, both raw and decoded views are available.
  6. Payment Event Edit page now shows the 837P, 997/999, 277CA, and 835 EDI documents -- if any -- associated with the event / dispatch.
  7. Each dispatch's journal now includes entries for when the dispatch enters an 837P batch, and for any change to that batch's clearinghouse status, and for any subsequent rejection by a 277CA.
  8. Insurance Transmission Queue now offers the 837P batches for download without zipping them up.
  9. Insurance Filing Queue now shows a red indication of claims that have returned to the queue owing to a 997/999 or 277CA rejection.
  10. Coding page UI support for GW modifier.

Significant bugfixes

  1. The Authorization page fails to load if Paypal does not respond in a timely manner to a subscription status check request.
  2. On the Patient Edit page's "History" tab, the "Billing" link was disabled for billers, who should've been able to access it.
  3. The Import 835 and Import 997/999 pages no longer impose restrictions on the file extension of the file to be uploaded, on account of the myriad random file extensions returned by some clearinghoues.
  4. Better support for the way Noridian specifies the NPI in its X12.835 files (in N1*PE rather than in LX*).
  5. After GA, GM, and/or GY modifiers were set, the respective boxes were not checked if the Coding page was reopened.
  6. Import an X12.835 EOB and Import an X12.997/999/277CA pages now watch for both configured NPIs, instead of just the provider NPI.
  7. DBA name, when configured, was not printed on payment event receipts.