AngelTrack 2.0 build 230 (2015-09-20) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. Coding page now offers direct selection of the following options:
  2. X12.835 Import now watches for GA and GY modifiers, and will not attempt to appeal a denial that carries them.
  3. New report Top Affiliates visualizes your delegated call volume as a pie chart, showing each affiliate's share, for any date range and service levels.
  4. Facility Edit page has a new "Payments" tab, showing a grid of all payment events received from the facility. The contents of the grid are bulk-exportable as receipts in .PDF format.
  5. Bulk Excel Export page can now filter by affiliate.
  6. New billing report Facilities Needing ZIP+4 lists all facility records having a 5-digit ZIP code but located in a ZIP code where Medicare requires ZIP+4.
  7. When a facility's HCPCS location modifier is not set, it will inherit the location modifier from its billing container (if any).
  8. New payment event types "Preapproval" and "Predenial", and improved support for such events during 835 import.
  9. Import EOB X12.835 now supports EOBs where the insurer fails to specify the claim's date of service (DTM*150/DTM*151 or DTM*232/DTM*233).
  10. Improved automatic handling of reversals, with differentiation between partial reversals versus total reversals.
  11. Price schemas are now finer-grained: BLS A0428 can be priced differently than BLS emergent A0429, and ALS-1 A0426 can be priced differently than ALS-1 emergent A0427 and ALS-2 A0433. Your currently configured prices for BLS and ALS have been migrated to the new settings, so no action is required on your part if you do not wish to take advantage of the finer-grained pricing.
  12. Insurance Exception Queue now has improved column controls and coding features, just like Insurance Appeal Queue got last week in build 229.
  13. As a result of a new image-related exploit spotted in the wild, AngelTrack now re-encodes all uploaded images, including those which do not otherwise require resizing and re-encoding. AngelTrack was never vulnerable to that particular exploit, but it highlights the possibility of future image-born exploits. Forcibly re-encoding all uploaded images precludes any future image-born exploits from affecting AngelTrack.
  14. On the Business Information settings page, can now specify the business billing name, if the name on the NPI paperwork no longer matches the current operating name.
  15. Coding page now automatically removes illegal (in an 837P) characters from the business name and address, billing address, biller name and address, dispatch origin address, dispatch destination name and address, and patient address... for the benefit of those customers who are not using a clearinghouse that would normally scrub such things.

Significant bugfixes

  1. When a dispatch is reassigned from a shift to an affiliate, the patient disposition should always be changed to "Patient treated, transported in our vehicle".
  2. Coding page rejects some ICD-9 codes when manually typed in; both ICD-10 and ICD-9 codes should be permitted.
  3. Import EOB X12.835 did not correctly summarize the CARCs of a claim when the CARCs were not constructed with a dash character between the code group and the code number.
  4. The "Report→" links in the Insurance Appeal Queue grid did not work.
  5. Payment Event Add failed to calculate the running balance due when no payment events were yet recorded for the dispatch.
  6. For some combinations of primary and secondary insurance, the secondary insurance information is omitted from an 837P.