AngelTrack 2.0 build 229 (2015-09-13) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. X12.997/999 parser is finished, and there is a new X12.997/999 Workbench available to help in decoding 997/999 documents.
  2. X12.835 parser is finished, and there is a new X12.835 Workbench available to help in troubleshooting and decoding 835 documents.
  3. New Import an EOB X12.835 page automatically processes EOBs into payment events, in bulk.
  4. New full-featured Payment Event Edit page replaces the in-grid edits of payment event records.
  5. When AngelTrack performs the coding for a claim, a copy of the claim's 837P EDI data is now saved in the "Claim Filed" payment event for later review.
  6. The original contents of the X12.835 document is saved with each payment event, for later review using the "835 Contents" tab of the Payment Event Edit page.
  7. The Authorization page can now suspend or reactivate your recurring payment plan, at will, as often as you like. When the recurring payment plan is suspended, then you have the option to purchase a license manually.
  8. New Support page with links to all AngelTrack support resources.
  9. New Cloud Server Logs page allows direct downloads of all WWW server logs. These logs are used to determine exactly which user made which request to the cloud server, at what time, from what IP address, and from what kind of device.
  10. All payment records of type "Approval/Payment" now describe themselves in more detail, according to the circumstances of the amount received and from whom:
  11. Better highlighting on the ePCS form, indicating which required items are still missing.
  12. Coding page now displays the narrative text, immediately above the diagnostic code pickers.
  13. New "Tags" system allows the user to create a custom list of textual tags. Dispatchers can then set a tag on each dispatch. The tags can be used later for reporting, such as keeping track of which dispatches were referred by a broker, or which were handled by a remote office.
  14. Coding page has new options: can create a duplicate/replacement claim (BHT02/CLM05), and can create a non-chargeable claim (BHT05), if you wish.
  15. Insurance Appeals Queue is overhauled with new features for viewing all the circumstances of the claim and the denial, including full diagnostics of the RARCs and CARCs returned by the underwriter.
  16. New Bulk Excel Export feature for billers, allowing them to filter a set of dispatches and then export a vast number of datacolumns to Excel. This provides a rich set of raw data for creating your own reports.
  17. Medication Usage Detail report is completely overhauled to provide a quick and strong defense against a DEA audit. The report now shows all doses given of any selected medication by any selected crew member (or by everyone), over any date range. The data includes disposition of the drug and the patient's response, as well as links to the associated dispatch record and to printouts of the full run report.
  18. Individual medications can now be flagged as "Requires a dose/vial ID". When so flagged, the crew must record the dose/vial identification number in the PCR when they use or waste the dose. The identification numbers thereafter show up in the Medication Usage Detail report, where they will protect you during a DEA audit. Refer to the new Narcotics Compliance guide to learn more.
  19. Coding page now permits the biller to override the 2300-CRC "Ambulance Certification" codes (02, 04, 09, etc.) calculated from AngelTrack's PCR and dispatch records.
  20. Coding page now gives direct control over the oxygen (A0422) service line, allowing the biller to override AngelTrack's automatic decision.
  21. When the Dispatch Create page displays the retail, contract, and patient price schedules in effect for the call, it now includes the number of "first x miles free".
  22. Patient Edit page has a new "Payments" tab showing all payment events received from the patient, along with a bulk export option to export receipts for all selected payment events.
  23. The new Novitas list of 334 recommended EMS diagnosis codes is now integrated into AngelTrack's ICD-10 code pickers, adding a net total of 191 new codes to the 740 already built in.
  24. Coding page now offers to ☑ Hide codes not in the Novitas suggested list, in the event your billers wish to confine themselves to the Novitas list of suggested EMS diagnosis codes.
  25. Dispatchers can now retroactively change a dispatch's assignment, to a different shift or to a different affiliate. However, reassignment is forbidden when a dispatch belongs to one or more open invoices.

Significant bugfixes

  1. The automatic creation of a service charge for medications administered should not fire when the crew records a medication administered by the origin facility, or by the destination facility, or by a first responder. Service charges should be automatically created only for medications administered by the crew.
  2. Grid-export links left the "waiting" spinner running even after the download was completed.
  3. When a crew or station marker on a live map is clicked, the popup info displayed is sometimes incorrect: it sometimes shows the popup info for a different marker (i.e. for a different crew or station).
  4. A few pricing controls were not allowing negative numbers, which are necessary for call centers who charge a bounty for each call delegated.