AngelTrack 2.0 build 228 (2015-08-08) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. The customer portal now supports affiliates, who have their own page showing all calls assigned to them. The calls are displayed in the same format as AngelTrack's dispatch boards. If the affiliate is marked ☑ Progress reports, the portal also shows live progress information.
  2. The Coding page has improvements based on feedback from AngelTrack resellers:
  3. 837P Workbench can now display the data with each loop separated and labelled, for diagnostic purposes.
  4. PCR Billing and Patient Edit pages now have special support for the "Insurance Cards" document type. The latest such document on file for the patient, subject to the patient document lifetime setting (default 60 days), is displayed in the page directly under the patient insurance fields. This makes it easy to transcribe a photo or scan of the insurance cards.
  5. New Followup field "How Patient was Moved to Stretcher".
  6. Dispatch Assign page now calculates each shift's distance from the pickup, for all shifts that have fresh GPS position information.
  7. The GPS locations of affiliates' stations are now recorded. The Affiliate Edit page will automatically look them up for you, given the affiliate's street address.
  8. Dispatch Assign page now calculates the distance from each affiliate's station to the origin, to assist in deciding which affiliate can reach the origin soonest. Of course this does not take account of the positions of the affiliate's individual crew units, who may already be deployed.
  9. Many improvements to the Live Map, including:
  10. The map on the Dispatch Create and Dispatch Assign pages is larger, and now shows live crew positions and station locations.
  11. All PCR page titles are enlarged and improved, to reduce confusion over the question of adding versus editing.
  12. AngelTrack reseller names and tech-support phone numbers are now displayed at appropriate places throughout the product.
  13. The customer portal can now be customized with artwork and CSS provided by the customer or reseller.
  14. Scramble Time Visualizer now filters by service level requested, rather than that provided (as determined by QA).
  15. Patients with a Balance report now has the option to hide balances that are already in open invoices.
  16. Call Volume Heatmap report can now show just certain times of the day.
  17. Authorization page is now aware of recurring payment arrangements, so as to prevent accidental license purchases where a recurring payment is already in place.
  18. PCR Medication page now indicates which medication record is lacking, if its button is red. This happens when the crew creates a vitals record showing oxygen use, but has forgotten to create the corresponding medication record for the oxygen.
  19. PCR Followup page is now fully inside the PCR, and carries the PCR button bar across the top, in a manner more consistent with the rest of the PCR.
  20. Dispatch Edit page now includes a "Map" link to open the map window and show the route and the crew checkin points of the selected dispatch.
  21. The list of available affiliates in the Dispatch Assign page is now zone-aware, and the user can filter out all affiliates that are outside the dispatch's origin and destination zones.
  22. Dispatch Create now displays a bright yellow warning icon when a dispatcher is booking a call that requires a PAN but the call will run so soon that there will not be time to obtain the PAN.
  23. All back-end support and UI are finished for the upcoming AngelTrack mobile tracking app, which is installed on company-owned mobile devices to upload 24/7 GPS location data to your AngelTrack cloud server. Stay tuned for the announcement when the mobile apps become available for download!
  24. Missing Demographics Queue now links directly to the affected patient data checkpoint, to make it easier to backfill missing data.
  25. Patient Edit page now auto-highlights missing demographic data -- the same datafields that cause a patient to appear in the Missing Demographics Queue.
  26. State Data Upload for Texas agencies has an updated data format. Per the Texas Trauma Registry, uploads must temporarily conform to the 2001-07-24 EMS Data Dictionary.

Significant bugfixes

  1. Coding page "Select Payor ID" links sometimes return an error when clicked.
  2. Missing Demographics Queue displays question marks for insurance payor ID when the patient's insurance is marked "none".
  3. The input form for barcode scanning using the iOS application iScanWeb had the wrong form name, causing the app to sometimes fail.
  4. In the QA Review page, checking off an item in the objections list would cause a full-page refresh. Similar misbehavior was observed in the Librarian's list of document types.
  5. An unsuccessful IV procedure should still count towards an ALS procedure code upgrade.
  6. The "Activated On or After" and "Activated Before" controls on the Closed Dispatches page sometimes fail to pop up the calendar.