AngelTrack 2.0 build 225 (2015-07-04) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. The "Followup" datafields for discharging physician's NPI now perform validation to see if the NPI is valid (versus mistyped).
  2. Prior Auth Add page now provides some assistance in setting a document's date range.
  3. When ending a shift, odometer readings are sanity-checked to catch typographical errors that would otherwise throw off AngelTrack's many mileage analysis reports.
  4. New help text PCS Requirements in AngelTrack explains a new preference setting in AngelTrack, used to match up AngelTrack's PCS requirements with your company's interpretation of Medicare's PCS requirements. Remember that Medicare audits are like court cases: there are guidelines for demonstrating innocence and for demonstrating guilt, but those are just guidelines. What few rules do exist (in the CFRs) are not strictly applied during an audit, nor do they (since the First Call Ambulance Services, Inc. case in March 2012) even provide a guaranteed defense. As a result, many EMS companies are adopting the "Painting a Picture" approach to complaince in general -- and to PCS forms in particular. AngelTrack has built-in support for this approach and for other approaches; refer to the new help text to learn more.
  5. PCR now requires the patient's gender and weight for any call that is marked ☑ Bill insurance.
  6. PCR now requires the patient's date of birth, SSN, and mailing address for any call that is marked ☑ Bill patient. The SSN requirement can be disabled by unchecking ☑ The patient's Social Security Number must be recorded for all insured calls.
  7. New preference setting ☑ Uninsured stretcher calls require all of the demographic data needed to bill insurance, when checked, causes the PCR to require all demographic information needed to bill insurance, even when the call is marked non-billable or non-insurable. The setting is off by default but AngelTrack recommends you enable it for the benefit of the billing office.
  8. The file-upload control (where the "Select Files for Attach" button comes from) is updated with bugfixes for certain Android devices.
  9. Invoices now include a count of the number of times the items have been previously invoiced. The count looks only at previously-created, committed, uncancelled invoices.
  10. Analysis-heavy reports such as Dispatcher Efficiency, Crew Utilization, and Call Volume by Day, now briefly cache their results. This permits you to adjust the charts without every adjustment requiring a lengthy re-analysis.
  11. When the dispatch board "today bar" is clicked, it now pops up a small menu of the common dispatcher actions. It also now has small diamond marks that indicate scheduled pickup times.
  12. AngelTrack's SSL certificate, which is used to encrypt all of your web traffic in order to prevent snooping, is renewed.

Significant bugfixes