AngelTrack 2.0 build 220 (2015-05-30) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. Invoice Ages Report is rewritten to be much more useful. All open committed invocies are now plotted as points on a chart whose axes are age and balance. Each point is clickable to open the associated invoice.
  2. The dispatch board has a new feature called the "Today Bar", which graphically represents the anticipated runtimes of the day's calls. The bar makes it easy to identify chokepoints where extra crews will be needed. Watch a quick demo at
  3. All billing queues now have visible timers that count down to the next refresh. When the timer is below 20 seconds, typing anything into any notes fields will reset the timer to 20 seconds. The countdown can also be paused and resumed as you see fit.
  4. All payment events can now print themselves as a receipt suitable for customers. The receipts are also downloadable as .PDFs, for use via email.
  5. The "duck rate" -- the rate at which employees clockout with reports still unfinished -- is now included by the Employee Punctuality Report and the "Statistics" tab in the Employee Edit page. Supervisors can duck by clocking themselves out, while crew members can duck by "forgetting" to clock out so as to require a supervisor to do it for them.
  6. New token system implemented to better protect against double-submits that occur when using a flakey internet connection.

Significant bugfixes

  1. When viewing a run report from the Insurance Review Queue, the report should not have prompted to print itself.
  2. When underpaying an invoice, its unpaid dispatches are sometimes not sent back to Billing office if they also belong to a cancelled invoice.