AngelTrack 2.0 build 217 (2015-05-09) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. New employee role "Salesperson". See the updated Roles and Permissions guide to see what privileges are granted to members of this role.
  2. New Sales Home page, linked off the main home page, accessible only by members of the new Salesperson role. Many new features for salespeople and their supervisors are scheduled for release in the coming weeks; stay tuned.
  3. Line-item service charges are now automatically created for lab tests performed by crews. Likewise, the service charges are automatically deleted if the crew deletes the lab test PCR records. To learn more, read the Billing for On-Scene Services guide.
  4. Two more built-in lab tests are added: "10-Way Urinalysis Dipstick" and "Blood Glucose", for use by those companies that offer these for a fee.
  5. The Call Volume Heatmap has a new option to hide the returns of round-trip calls, in order to give a more accurate picture of your origin hotspots.
  6. The Top Ten Origins report now lets you hide numbers from your contracted facilities, so as to show your top ten uncontracted origins. Use this feature to target facilities for a sales visit.
  7. New report PCR Completeness Visualizer shows how any crew member's (or everyone's) PCR completeness grades are changing over time.
  8. Employee Edit and Employee Self Edit pages now include detailed graphs of PCR completeness over time, showing the same data as the new PCR Completeness Visualizer report.
  9. All vehicle cost reports now include a cost-per-dispatch calculation.
  10. New report Facilities Revenue Analysis shows the preceding six months of revenue for each contracted facility, for wheelchair or stretcher, and a revenue-per-dispatch calculation for each. This new report is used when renegotiating the prices in a facility's contract.
  11. The "Mechanic" role now can now record fuel purchases, view their fuel purchase records, and use the Fuel Status Report.

Significant bugfixes

  1. When removing a crew member from a dispatch, if the crew member was the attending, the attending was not reset to a remaining crew member.
  2. Members of the Billing role who were not members of any other roles would sometimes receive an "Access denied" error message when attempting to enter the Pricing page.