AngelTrack 2.0 build 214 (2015-04-18) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. Medicare-compliant electronic PCS form with electronic signature capture, at long last!
  2. The Prior Auth Queue now includes links to the electronic PCS form. These links permit an employee to take a tablet computer to a nursing home or doctor's office, open the queue, and collect all missing PCS forms by simply working down the list.
  3. Can now purchase licenses via Paypal right inside the Authorization page, to go into effect immediately.
  4. Can now subscribe to automatic recurring license purchases, monthly or yearly.
  5. By adding a special parameter onto the Dispatch Edit page's URL, administrators are now allowed to edit the activation time of a closed dispatch. This feature is for use in retroactively inputting paper run tickets into AngelTrack. See the Advanced Dispatch guide for details.
  6. New export format "PDF without page breaks" is available on the Insurance Filing Queue page, for use by companies who must physically mail printed run reports to a claims adjuster (e.g. MTM). Without page-breaks, the .PDFs take up only half as much paper.
  7. Can now specify a preauth/precert number during call-taking (i.e. while using the Dispatch Create page). This will automatically create a no-page-image PAN document, and exempt the dispatch from the Prior Auth Queue.
  8. On any billing page with a patient-name filter, there is now an auto-complete popup helper that shows a list of similar patient names on file. The popup helpers behave just like the ones in the dispatch pages.
  9. Can now specify different phone numbers for the dispatch office and the billing contact. Invoices and run reports show the phone number for the billing contact if one is configured, otherwise they show the phone number of the dispatch office.
  10. The patient disposition value "Patient treated - transported by EMS" is now "Patient treated - transported in our vehicle" to eliminate confusion on the part of wheelchair van drivers.
  11. A sample PCS form is now included in the online help, for those who still need paper PCS forms and don't have one standardized yet. Please feel free to use it as a starting point in creating a form customized for your operation.

Significant bugfixes

  1. When using a billing queue from the Firefox browser, date filters sometimes refused to present the popup calendar.
  2. Starting in build 213, PDF export of run reports that include document page scans would sometimes fail to return anything.
  3. The Crew Checklist Performance report did not include crew members who float (no assigned station).
  4. Run reports would fail to export to .PDF if they had a Microsoft Word document attached.