AngelTrack 2.0 build 213 (2015-04-11) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. Randomly-selected AngelTrack tips now appear at the bottom of all the home pages (home / dispatch / billing / supervision / HR). The tips were collected from AngelTrack support staff and integrators, who were asked "What do you wish every AngelTrack customer knew about the product?"
  2. In the Invoices list, the "Re-Commit" button now appears only if the invoice contains items needing commitment (i.e. if the invoice contains any dispatches still at "Billing office" or still missing a price quote).
  3. The Patient Records Journal now allows filtering to just those requests that were denied.
  4. Can now upload HTML documents for attach to dispatches, to patients, and to employees, to be retrieved later. If the uploaded HTML document is embedded in a run report, then unfortunately it will not print well because the HTML spec does not provide for seamless embedding of one HTML document inside another.
  5. The dispatch board coloring code -- used to highlight calls that overlap each other -- now looks for overlaps within one mile of each other. Previously it only found overlaps based on an exact street-address match.
  6. All dispatches, facilities, stations, affiliates, and patients now have 'County' datafields, in order to meet state reporting requirements in California, Texas, and Oregon.
  7. The 'County' datafields in the aforementioned records will be slowly and automatically back-filled by various AngelTrack pages as you exercise the product normally.
  8. Anywhere that a ZIP-code or a county name is expected, AngelTrack will attempt to set it for you via a geocode-lookup over the internet. While the lookup is underway, a rotating Earth appears in the upper-right corner of the page. In other words, you will never again have to look up a ZIP code.
  9. The Insurance Filing Queue can now be filtered to a certain date, for when multiple billers are working the same queue at the same time.
  10. The numbers of dispatches waiting on each invoice generator are now split like this: Invoice Generator for Facilities (15+132), where 15 is the number of calls from this month and 132 is the number of calls older than this month. Those who do invoices once a month can therefore quickly see if anything is ready.
  11. In run reports, crew member certificate numbers now appear next to their name and patch level.
  12. New generator for the call data (in .TSV format) required by the Texas Department of Health. Texas does not have a web-service available yet, so AngelTrack cannot automatically upload the data for you... but it's easy to upload the file yourself.
  13. Wheelchair runs that are not billable to insurance no longer require a patient date-of-birth... but we strongly recommend against this practice, as it will quickly lead to patient record conflicts and overlaps, because date-of-birth is used to tell apart two patients with the same name.

Significant bugfixes

  1. As of build 211, a biller who is not also an administrator or a captain did not have permission to add and remove dispatches from invoices.
  2. Additional pages added to a patient document or dispatch document were sometimes stored as ".RESX" files, which then failed to print or embed correctly.
  3. Vehicle short-names can no longer include dashes, commas, dots, or other non-alphanumeric characters, because such characters cause inappropriate wordwrap issues in some browsers.
  4. Many UI fixes for MacOS / Safari / iOS, including:
  5. When using the Chrome browser to add billing notes in the grid of one of the billing queues, sometimes the modified text was not saved.