AngelTrack 2.0 build 212 (2015-04-04) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. Crews are now required to provide a reason for on-scene delay when they have spent more than 25 minutes onscene (previously this was 45 minutes).
  2. The Pickup Delays by Facility report is rewritten to provide analysis of on-scene delay reasons provided by crews who are held on-scene longer than 25 minutes.
  3. The Facilities Payor Matrix report is now weighted by call volume, though this can be turned off to see a plain census of each facility.
  4. Manually clocking-out another employee now requires an explanatory note, and now automatically sets the "Needs attention" flag.
  5. Crew Run Call page now preserves the cursor position in the odometer fields during postbacks.
  6. Most charts received a facelift.
  7. A return trip will no longer activate until its outbound trip has closed. (Previously, only wait-and-return return-trips had this limitation.)
  8. New field "Emergency Contact" in every employee record. Employees are prompted to update it when resetting an expired password.
  9. New PCR Narrative Length report compares final narrative lengths against the lengths of the AutoCompose texts, to show who is properly filling in details in their narrative versus who is merely turning in the AutoCompose'd text.
  10. Secure employee document repository is now available, for use by members of HR who wish to permanently store electronic documents in an employee's file.
  11. Document uploads are now automatically de-duplicated, to reduce overhead when the same document is uploaded multiple times or for multiple dispatches.
  12. New Late to Destination Analysis graphically represents the reasons why patients are arriving late to their appointments.
  13. The nightly email summarizing yesterday's calls is now available to billers.
  14. A shift qualified as "BLS First Responder" is now considered qualified for assignment to any BLS+ dispatch.
  15. Master Billing Queue is now called Master Billing Records, based on customer feedback.

Significant bugfixes

  1. Crew Run Call page did not save a newly-typed odometer reading if the user clicked "Followup", "PCR", or the map button.
  2. HTML-5 time controls -- available on Chrome and Opera -- are now reverted back to standard HTML dropdowns, because some users have their computers configured for 12-hour time format, causing the HTML-5 time control to confuse AM and PM. Safari on iPhone and iPad does a better job of 24-hour time support and so is unaffected.
  3. Any announcement targeted at 'Everyone' did not correctly calculate the percentage of employees who have seen it.
  4. On the Invoice Generator for Facilities, the list of facilities with dispatches awaiting invoicing was not alphabetized.
  5. When uploading a .PDF with ☑ Extract images from PDFs checked, if the .PDF contains no images (i.e. if it contains only text), the .PDF should be stored whole.
  6. In the Master Billing Queue, the "Marked 'Awaiting Payment' On or After", "Marked 'Awaiting Payment' Before", "Marked 'Finished' On or After", and "Marked 'Finished' Before" filters broke in build 210.