AngelTrack 2.0 build 211 (2015-03-28) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. New PCR Completeness Overview chart shows all crew members' average PCR completeness grades, for any selected date range.
  2. PCR completeness grading now includes the followup information.
  3. Quick Start page now prompts you to input your contracted facilities, before going live.
  4. The EOB dissector (which lets you pick the best page of a multi-page .PDF EOB) now runs when attaching EOBs piecemeal to any payment-events grid.
  5. Edits to payment events are now journalled. The journal entries are written in the journal of the associated dispatch record.
  6. The Invoice Generator for Facilities now builds its facility list out of all those with dispatches ready for invoicing, according to the critera set on the page.
  7. Annoying postbacks are now removed from the "Add New Objection" category dropdown on the QA Review form.
  8. Membership in the Dispatcher, Biller, Captain, and Lieutenant roles can now be granted provisionally: the employee must be connected to a company-owned network in order to exercise those roles.
  9. Can now separately configure each affiliate for whether it can be sent dispatches, and whether it can be billed for calls it sends.
  10. Can now revoke any crew member's access to AutoCompose, as a punishment for crew members found to be defaulting on their responsibility to add pertinent details and observations to an AutoCompose'd narrative.
  11. PCS Coverage by Facility report now includes a row for all other locations not defined as facilities.
  12. When a recurring dispatch reschedules itself, its priority will now always reset to '4: Scheduled' in case it was temporarily bumped up.
  13. Bulk export .ZIP files are now named after the EMS company that generated them, to assist a billing agency that handles multiple EMS companies.
  14. When a dispatch is set to bill insurance, but payor is set to someone else (facility, affiliate, or patient), and no insurance claim was filed, then it will no longer be considered for inclusion in the Missing Demographics Queue, nor will it be reported as needing a PCS.

Significant bugfixes

  1. It should not have been possible for a QA reviewer to set a "Service Level Provided" of "[None]".
  2. PCR Assessment page should have turned the 'Eyes' section grey when no pupil size was specified, turned the 'Skin' section grey when no capillary refill was specified, turned the 'GU' section grey when no catheter answer was chosen, and turned the 'Abdomen' section grey when no PEG/J tube answer was chosen.
  3. PCR Medication page should retain the original dosage units when an existing record is edited and the original dosage units were non-standard.
  4. When you click an employee's name from one of the certificate-status reports, the Employee HR Edit page opens and goes directly to the "Certificates" tab. If you then click "Save" without first visiting the "Settings" tab, an error occurred and it refused to save.
  5. The Pricing Combination Analyzer report broke in build 210, showing only an error message.
  6. Billing queue pages allowed the user to set billing notes before the page had fully loaded, causing a failure to save the notes.