AngelTrack 2.0 build 208 (2015-03-07) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. Performing an insurance review now writes a journal entry to the dispatch.
  2. Dispatch Followup page has a smart new Execution Status picker.
  3. Top Ten Origins report now differentiates between ALS and MICU calls.
  4. New built-in announcement contains an example paper-document workflow, which you can customize to meet your needs.
  5. Crews no longer allowed to submit a report to QA if the narrative contains any AutoCompose blanks, as occur for "[Not listed - see narrative]" entries in the PCR.
  6. Can now upload additional pages to documents found using the Librarian, Patient Edit, or Prior Auths on File pages.
  7. The Patient Document Librarian now has full in-grid editing capabilities.
  8. Can now add a missing EOB to a payment event, from any grid of payment events; just click the plus sign in the relevant row.
  9. When recording a payment event with an EOB attachment, if the EOB is a .PDF file, you will now be shown the .PDF's contents. You can select a specific image from the .PDF rather than including the whole thing.
  10. The Invoices grid is now filterable to show only facility invoices, or only affiliate invoices, or only patient invoices.
  11. All home pages (main, dispatch, billing, supervision, and HR) now have a "search all help for..." box at the bottom of the list of help links.
  12. Run report "All Procedures" grid now lists BGL tests (as recorded in vitals takings).
  13. PCR Assessment page now accepts primary and secondary impressions as ICD10 symptoms (via smart picklists), rather than freeform text.
  14. PCR IV page now requires an explanatory comment if the procedure being performed is "maintenance".
  15. The "Billing" tab of the Dispatch Edit page now performs real-time validation of all billing settings, to highlight any conflicting settings.
  16. New NEMSIS v3.3.4 insured relation-to-patient values added.
  17. A new and simplified Payor picker, which integrates the bill-to settings, now adorns all billing grids.
  18. The Top Ten Complaints report now permits you to ignore transfers (calls with no complaint).
  19. When adding new employees, can now check a box to auto-register a "Wheelchair Transport" certificate to them. This is for use in states that do not have an official license for wheelchair van operators.
  20. QA Review form now shows an icon indicating the trip type (emergent / outbound / wait-and-return / etc).
  21. Employee passwords are now checked against a built-in list of the 125 most common passwords (as would be used during password-guessing attacks), and refused if found on the list.
  22. New Crew Certificates Overview report shows all crew members and the status of the main certificates: driver's license, HIPAA training, CPR, wheelchair transport, EMT-B, EMT-I, EMT-P, PALS, and ACLS.
  23. Master Billing Queue web traffic reduced by approximately 20%, for faster load/refresh when viewing large datasets.
  24. Items in the Special Handling Queue will now give the reason why they are flagged for special handling. The reason appears on the "Billing" tab of the Dispatch Edit page.

Significant bugfixes

  1. Creating a new airway procedure record sometimes recorded "-1" as the oxygen mix ratio.
  2. Popup windows used throughout the product now center themselves properly on your monitor, even when using dual monitors.
  3. A dispatch booked for insurance coverage, but never filed, and instead invoiced directly to facility/affiliate/patient, will no longer show as needing a PCS.
  4. When a dispatch is marked "prior authorization not needed", the crew would not be prompted to collect a PCS while on-scene even if the PCS was needed. (PCS requirements are independent of PAN requirements.)
  5. When uploading .PDFs for attach to dispatches or to patients, when ☑ Extract images from .PDF was unchecked, the images were extracted anyway.
  6. Run report "All Procedures" grid no longer includes procedures performed by the origin or destination facility; it only shows procedures performed by EMS.
  7. Cash-pay dispatches appeared in the Special Handling Queue when they were "Awaiting payment" and not invoiced, even though this situation is normal and appropriate.
  8. The built-in "AngelTrack Support" user account was inappropriately included -- as a salaried position -- in timeclock and payroll reports.
  9. If two different billers simultaneously perform an insurance review for the same dispatch, the second biller's decision would undo the first biller's work.