AngelTrack 2.0 build 207 (2015-02-28) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. Can now attach a file to each payment event, allowing you to save electronic copies of EOBs for later review.
  2. New "Expiration Date" checklist item type available, for automating checks of expiration dates on drugs and chemicals.
  3. The "Crew QA Status" link on the Supervisor Home page now shows the number of dispatches awaiting report completion or corrections.
  4. New custom pricing schedules for patients who pay less than retail: "Patient rate 1", "Patient rate 2", and "Patient rate 3". Each patient record can now be assigned one of those rates (or left at "Retail"), and the selected price schedule will be automatically loaded by the Invoice Generator.
  5. Affiliates can now have their own custom pricing schedules, with automatic pass-through to retail pricing (as occurs with facility pricing schedules).
  6. New crew member statistic "Dispatches with bogus odometer readings" shows the rate at which he or she turns in odometer readings in the form "start at 0.0, end at 15.5" rather than entering the vehicle's full odometer reading. When crew members do that, it increases liability for an audit, and it prevents several of AngelTrack's statistical systems (including fuel analysis, mileage efficiency, and vehicle costs) from functioning.
  7. Dispatches will now appear in the Special Handling Queue when they are paid in full but still at "Billing office" or "Awaiting payment".
  8. When creating or editing a vehicle maintenance record, the vehicle's approximate odometer reading will now be automatically loaded for the date specified, even dates in the past. In this manner, a mechanic need not recall the odometer reading as of the date the maintenance occurred.
  9. All billing-related grids now use a standardized display of each dispatch's effective price (allowed and/or quoted), sum of payment and discounts, and balance due.
  10. The Master Billing Queue now includes dispatches whose reports are not finished (postprocess 0) when ☑ Hide Runs Still in QA is unchecked.
  11. The Writeoff Calculator got new filters and fields, and thereby became the Commissions and Writeoffs Calculator, suitable for calculating by-facility commissions for your salespeople.
  12. The Postprocess Delays Report now differentiates between ALS and MICU calls.
  13. The Heartbeat page now identifies connections much more quickly, so you will no longer see "[Not logged in]" rows for employees who have recently logged-in.
  14. The QA Review page now displays the dispatch's Preauth Notes, if any.
  15. When diverting a recurring dispatch, can check a box to preserve the assigned crew's progress (by copying it to the new dispatch record).
  16. New Employees Missing HR Data report for captains and members of HR.
  17. New Receivables by Age report plots all receivables on a grid, by service level, age, and balance.

Significant bugfixes

  1. Date/time controls in HTML5 browsers did not honor the minimum/maximum date range.
  2. Phoney odometer readings input by crews (for example "start transport at 0.0, end transport at 15.5") were perturbing AngelTrack's odometer-driven statistical systems, including vehicle maintenance reports, vehicle cost analyses, fuel level estimates, and transport efficiency calculations. They will now be ignored by the aforementioned statistical systems.
  3. Postprocess Status report sometimes did not correctly count those dispatches that were billable to a specific facility, when viewing all dispatches from all facilities.
  4. Items in the Master Billing Queue showed ☑ Reviewed even when they were not reviewed yet.
  5. The Ontime Pickup by Facility report would sometimes return an error message: "The datepart hour is not supported by date function dateadd for data type date.".
  6. Crew members are no longer allowed to upload documents without providing any page scans.
  7. Diverting a recurring dispatch that is not billable to an affiliate would sometimes return an error message.
  8. Crew member signatures must now contain at least 100 points, to prevent crew members from inputing a non-signature like a dot or an x.
  9. The Patient Document Librarian would sometimes fail to return any results if it found a PCS document that matched the search criteria.
  10. When merging a duplicate facility into another facility, preauth documents linked to the duplicate were not moved over. Any subsequent attempt to edit the linked documents resulted in an error.