AngelTrack 2.0 build 206 (2015-02-21) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. When uploading an ECG strip to the PCR, .PDF documents are now accepted. AngelTrack will search the .PDF, extract the first large image, and display it in the ECG record.
  2. Duplicate elimination logic is now standardized between patients and facilities, and a warning popup is displayed before any changes are made to the database.
  3. The Facilities Potential Payables report now has a "Ready for Invoicing" column, showing the number of payable dispatches waiting in the invoice generator.
  4. The help index now contains a search box, for searching all of AngelTrack's online help, the support wiki, the FAQ, the Youtube channel, and all the release notes.
  5. Added detailed help for handling hospice contracts, where the bill is sent to a facility that the patient never visits.
  6. For the benefit of hospice contract billing, a patient's Residence Facility assignment is now sticky when the residence facility is under contract; see Patient Residence Facility help for details.
  7. Captains can now register (using the Messaging settings in their Employee Edit page) to receive a nightly email containing a summary of the prior day's dispatch activity.
  8. When viewing the Closed Dispatches grid and filtering by "Crew includes...", there is now an option to show inactive crew members in the list of choices.
  9. Can now configure the time intervals at which the dispatch board highlights a tardy crew in red, using the Preferences page under Settings.
  10. Calls requiring a ventilator are automatically given an additional 15 minutes on-scene, before the dispatch board highlights the crew in red (as tardy).
  11. All home pages (main home, dispatch home, billing home, supervision home, and HR home) now include a link to the Frequently Asked Questions document, which lives in the AngelTrack wiki at
  12. If a section (WC/BLS/ALS/MICU/Labs/Telemedicine) of an invoice contain no dispatches, the section will no longer be shown.
  13. Can now specify SNOMED codes for new on-scene lab tests not in the NEMSIS standard list.
  14. Crew Run Call page now displays hint text underneath the progress button and the map button.
  15. Crew members who have no certificates recorded will now be prompted (on the Crew Home page) to record them.
  16. The Dispatches Runtimes and Lates grid is overhauled with more and better filters, and is now zone-aware.
  17. Can now specify a description (e.g. check number, transaction ID) of the payment received for an invoice; the description will be mentioned in all payment events and ledger entries that result from the invoice.
  18. The Crew Home page now displays a star-of-life which indicates (by color and text) the employee's current patch level. When an employee has not input any of their certificates, it displays a dark grey star with the words "NO PATCH", in order to motivate the employee to get the data typed in.
  19. When automatically unassigning dispatches during shift end, an explanatory comment is added to the journals of the affected dispatches.

Significant Bugfixes

  1. After saving, the Employee Self-Edit page returned the user to the Crew Home page, rather than to whichever page they were previously viewing.
  2. The Billing home page did not show the number of dispatches awaiting invoicing to affiliates.
  3. PCR Review page, and also the printed run report, did not color-highlight an assessment item if the item's status was "Normal, with pain".
  4. PCR History page should not include the current dispatch among the reports available for review.
  5. PCR incorrectly allowed crews to submit a report for transport for chest pain to QA even though MI information was missing.
  6. After adding a note to one row of a live invoice, the row failed to redisplay properly.
  7. In the table of payment events shown for each item in an invoice, the "Amount Received" is sometimes not displayed, even though it was properly counted.
  8. Shift Begin page now displays the date/time that the selected posting station was last checked-off.
  9. When editing a facility's contract pricing, the pricing controls no longer lose focus after each edit.
  10. Sometimes, due to a time rounding error, a newly created dispatch or shift did not appear for 10-20 seconds.
  11. The PCR's time-performed slider control did not show a colored bar for the current leg of an open dispatch.