AngelTrack 2.0 build 205 (2015-02-14) release notes

The following features, bugfixes, and changes are present in this build:

Improvements and new features

  1. Improved display of postprocess status in all billing-related grids.
  2. Crew, vehicle, and station certificates can now have no expiration date.
  3. QR code generator added, providing QR codes to your AngelTrack cloud server. You can hang up the QR codes on the wall at your stations.
  4. The Stale Receivables Queue threshold days is now configurable via the Preferences page; default is 45 days.
  5. PCR can now require an Acute Symptoms list for ALS, MICU, and emergent calls. The requirement can be turned on or off from the Preferences page; default is off.
  6. Payment events can now be soft-deleted and un-deleted. On doing so, AngelTrack automatically recalculates the dispatch's balance due; it may also move to a different billing queue, as necessary.
  7. MICU service now has its own price schedule, separate from ALS service.
  8. Medical protocol editor page is more helpful in determining which method of electronic protocol delivery (simple URL versus sectioned display) will be used.
  9. The Postprocess Status report is totally overhauled. It now includes a chart showing all dispatches in postprocess, color-coded by postprocess status. Also, the old date ranges are changed to the more familiar "0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, 91-120 days, etc." date ranges.
  10. The Crew QA Status report now allows a crew member's name to be clicked to open a report showing exactly which dispatches are awaiting report completion/corrections.
  11. Two new facility types -- urgent care clinic and free-standing ER -- are added.
  12. QA Review Queue filters now include "Patient last name is like", rather than "Patient last name is exactly".
  13. A few new QA objection categories are added, along with updated names and texts for the existing categories.
  14. QA Review page now shows a blinking warning icon when a dispatch is set "Complete, best effort". Also, the postprocess status is no longer shown when it is normal (i.e. when the dispatch is at "Awaiting QA review").
  15. Vehicles With New Damage report now offers link to auto-create a new incident record for the reported damage.
  16. If a dispatch has only one bill-to option (insurance, facility, affiliate, patient, or cash-pay) selected, its Payor field will now be automatically set when it graduates from (or skips) QA.


  1. Some billing pages did not allow a dispatch to be advanced to "Finished", complaining it lacked a price quote, even though the dispatch did have a price quote.
  2. If a dispatch does not specify any destination, but the crew sets a Patient Disposition indicating that transport occurred, the PCR did not collect odometer readings and therefore would not allow the report to be submitted to QA.
  3. The abbreviated service level indication printed in the upper-right-hand corner of printed or .PDF run report showed the service level requested, rather than the service level provided.