Setting Up a New Employee

New employees can be added to AngelTrack at any time. You can also reactivate old ones.

New employee

Add or Reactivate Employee Requires HR or the Administrator

To add a new employee, or reactivate an old employee, you must be a member of the HR role, or you must login as the AngelTrack administrator.

From the Employees list, click the Add button at the top-right hand corner of the employees list. To reactivate an old employee, uncheck the ☑ Hide inactive employees box and then select the employee record you wish to reactivate; on the "HR" tab, check the ☐ Active box and then click "Save".

After the employee record is created/reactivated, there are a few more tasks that a supervisor and/or the employee should perform...

Set Initial Password

When you create their user account in AngelTrack, set their password to "changeme". Then order them to change their password as soon as they login.

Do not allow them to proceed to other tasks until they have changed their password, and do not allow them to tell you what their new password is.

Check Personal Settings

A new employee's personal settings should be filled in right away. These include:

The aforementioned settings are editable from both the Employee File page (from the Employees List) and the Employee Self-Edit page (by the employee clicking their name in the upper-right corner of any page).

Captains and members of HR can use the Employees Missing HR Data report to find employee records where the aforementioned fields are not filled in.

Check HR Settings

A member of HR should review the employee's HR settings on the "HR" tab, including:

Any changes to the fields on the "HR" tab are journalled, with the complete history shown at the bottom of the page. If the history contains errors, they can be corrected on-the-spot by clicking the associated "Edit" button.

*All employees, both hourly and salaried, should use the timeclock. It shows the dispatchers which crews and supervisors are available, and it tracks hours in order to prevent under-working and over-working anyone.

Review Their Privileges

Any member of HR and any Captain can adjust an employee's Privileges, using the Employee File page.

Input Their Certificates

If the new employee will be serving as a crew member in any capacity, then their certificates should be entered.

The employee can do this, as can a supervisor or a member of HR. A crew member's certificates (as stored in AngelTrack) determine the qualification level of any shift that he or she participates in... and since AngelTrack does not allow a Dispatcher to assign a dispatch to an unqualified shift, every crew member's certificates must be entered up front.

This includes their state driver's license, so that AngelTrack can warn them (and their supervisor) when the license is nearing expiration.

Input Their Immunizations

AngelTrack tracks all crew members' immunizations. This permits supervisors to quickly pull reports showing that all crew are in compliance with state and local regulations about EMS immunizations.

The employee can input their own immunizations, or it can be done by a supervisor or member of HR. To learn more, refer to the Immunization Tracking Guide.

Input Their Demographic Information

If your state trauma registry requires "DEM" demographic uploads from AngelTrack, then each employee's demographic information should be input. This includes:

Input a Signature

Only the employee can enter and save his or her signature in AngelTrack. The signature will appear automatically in printed reports of all dispatches that the employee participated in as a crew member.

If no signature is stored, then AngelTrack will prompt the crew member to provide one whenever he or she access the Crew Home page.

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