Account Unlocks and Password Resets

Occasionally an employee will forget or mistype their passwored, and lock themselves out for a little while. Supervisors and members of HR can access the employee's file in AngelTrack to remedy this.

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Unlocking a Locked Account

If an employee does know their password but is simply mistyping it, they can run afoul of AngelTrack's account lockout policy, which temporarily locks user accounts in order to defend against password-guessing attacks.

Locked accounts will automatically unlock themselves after a period. After each failed login attempt, AngelTrack displays the required waiting time before the employee is allowed to try again.

If the employee is in a hurry and cannot wait it out, then any member of the following roles can help:

Simply open the employee's file (via the Employees List), then click "Save" without making any changes.

Resetting a Forgotten Password

If an employee completely forgets their password, and requires a new one, then only a member of the following roles can help:

To set a new password, visit the employee's file (from the Employees List available in Supervisor Home or HR Home), set the password to "changeme", and then click "Save". When the employee then logs in, AngelTrack will prompt them to choose a new password.

Do not allow the employee to request a specific password. You should never know any employee's password, under any circumstances, lest you be accused of logging in and making changes in their name. Instead, set the employee's password to "changeme", and direct them to immediately change their password as soon as they login.

Make Sure Employees Know Who to Call

When an employee's login attempt fails, AngelTrack displays the dispatch telephone number (as configured under Business Identification under Settings) in case they require an account unlock or password reset. The user's login screen will look like this:

Password incorrect

As such, the people who answer the dispatch telephone must have one of the following:

If nobody from HR is available, employees can also call AngelTrack support for help. The caller must first fax in a copy of the driver's license of the employee whose password is to be reset.

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