Unattended Dispatch Mode

Unattended dispatch mode allows your crews to run pre-assigned calls throughout the night and on weekends, without ever interacting with a dispatcher.

AngelTrack does not normally allow crews to close their own dispatches, because it is normally important for the dispatch office to know that a crew has finished a transport and is now available.

Uses and Benefits

Unattended dispatch mode does just one thing: it allows crew members to close their own calls once they are back in service... rather than calling their dispatcher.

It is intended for use during nights and weekends when there is no dispatcher in the office. Before leaving, the dispatcher pre-assigns the calls throughout the evening and through the night, or throughout the weekend. The crews will run each call when it activates, closing it (using their mobile device) after finishing transport and returning to service.

Because crews can close their own dispatches, and because they can see their upcoming pre-assigned calls on their Crew Home page, they have no need to contact a dispatcher. Of course if something went wrong they would simply call a supervisor.

Activating and Deactivating

To use this feature, it must first be allowed by the AngelTrack administrator, who must visit the Preferences page under Settings and tick the ☑ Unattended Dispatch Allowed checkbox, then save.

Once the mode is allowed, all dispatchers will see this checkbox at the top-right corner of the dispatch board:

Unattended mode switch

The checkbox can be clicked by any dispatcher, captain, or administrator. Once clicked, it functions systemwide; therefore if one dispatcher clicks the checkbox, all other dispatchers will see it change on their own dispatch boards.

When unattended dispatch mode is active, the checkbox turns red, to remind the morning dispatcher to deactivate it again.

"Best Effort" Situations

The crew does not have the ability to cancel their call, or close it early as "best effort". Calls closed by crews are always marked "as ordered".

However, if the crew then fills out the followup and gives a patient disposition indicating that transport was not provided, the PCR will present them with the Resolve This Conflict screen:

Resolve This Conflict

Based on their response to that screen, their call will be marked "best effort" as appropriate. To learn more about "best effort" and call completion, read the Call Completion Guide.

Unattended Mode All The Time

If you decide that your operation can run smoothly without the crews calling dispatch when they're back in service, and if you are sure you will not have problems with crews closing their own calls prematurely, then you can use unattended dispatch mode all the time.

The AngelTrack software does not mind either way. It has no effect on the PCR, or QA review, or the billing workflow. So if it works better for you than the traditional way (crews phone home after each dispatch), then by all means use it.

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