Certificate Management

AngelTrack keeps track of your certificates and licenses of you. This is done to guarantee every crew possesses the required certifications to perform a call, and also to provide you with reminders of upcoming expirations.

Record All of Them

You are responsible for recording in AngelTrack all EMS-related certificates you hold... including your driver's license and CPR card. AngelTrack uses these to determine which dispatches you are qualified to handle. In fact your dispatcher cannot assign a dispatch to you until the necessary certificates and licenses are recorded in AngelTrack.

You will be automatically reminded when any certificate is nearing expiration or has expired. The reminder appears in yellow or red on your Crew Home page.

You may enter as many certificates as you wish, of any type. Manage your certificates using the "Certificates" tab of your Employee Settings page. That page can be accessed by clicking your login name on the upper-right-hand corner of any AngelTrack web page.

New Certificate Types

If you would like to record a new type of certificate not yet tracked by AngelTrack, ask a supervisor to add the new type into the system.

For example, your company will probably need to track the certificates/registrations issued by all the cities in your service area.

Add Renewals, Keep Expireds

Your company must maintain records of which certificates were held by which employees at any given time. Therefore, you should leave your expired certificates in AngelTrack; do not attempt to edit or delete them, just leave them as is. When a renewal arrives in the mail, input the renewed certificate as a new certificate. AngelTrack will then figure out how it fits together with your expireds in order to decide which days you were certified.

Here is how your certificate list should look, with active and expired certificates covering the length of your employment:

Crew Member Certificate List

For that matter, you can input an expired certificate that had been previously overlooked. Just enter the date it took effect and the date it expired, and AngelTrack will apply it to all dispatches you performed during that time period.

If you make a genuine mistake and need to edit or delete an entry on your certificate list, ask a member of Human Resources to help you.

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