Paper Document Workflow Sample

What follows is an example of a paper document workflow suitable for use at an EMS company using AngelTrack with the goal of absolute minimum paper. It specifies what should happen when crews are handed paper documents in the field.

Feel free to copy and modify it as you see fit. For your convenience there is a copy of this policy in your Announcements list, marked inactive.

Crew Responsibilities

These are the responsibilities of the attending crew member when he or she is handed a paper document during a dispatch.

Face Sheets

Use your mobile device to photograph the document into AngelTrack's PCR. Do this while still on-scene, or if the scene is too dark then do so as soon as possible after transport. After upload, look over the attached photo to ensure that all text is clearly readable.

If the staff at your destination does not take the face sheet from you, then take it back to the station and toss it in the shred box; do NOT throw it into an ordinary trashcan.

PMHx Documents, Medications Lists, and Allergies Lists

Transcribe these documents into the "Patient" tab of AngelTrack's PCR, then toss the documents in the shred box.

It is not necessary to transcribe a PMHx document word-for-word; we only need a list of ailments, implanted devices, and major surgeries.

PCS Documents

If AngelTrack prompts you that "PCS is needed", you can use AngelTrack's electronic PCS form on your mobile device to collect the necessary documentation. Once you've accessed the ePCS form, pass your device to the nurse/doctor/LVN and let them fill it out and sign it. Check over their work before pressing "Save" because they will often give insufficient answers and will need to be prompted to elaborate.

You can also collect a PCS form on paper, the old-fashioned way, and then use your mobile device to photograph the document into AngelTrack's PCR. Back at the station, write the run ID on the document, and place it in the document lockbox for collection by the billing department.

DNRs and DNR Revocations

If the patient has a DNR or DNR Revocation in force, it will appear in the PCR's "Documents" tab. If you are handed a DNR or DNR Revocation document, and it is not already present in the PCR, you must photograph it in.

Back at the station, ensure that the patient's first and last name and DOB are on the document, and then place it in the document lockbox for collection by the billing department.

Any Other Documents

For any other document you receive, write the run ID on it and then place it in the document lockbox. If there are multiple pages, make sure they are stapled together, or else write the run ID on each page.

Biller Responsibilities

These responsibilities are to be divided among the staff in the billing office:

Lockbox Collection

Visit each station once a week to collect everything from the document lockboxes.

PCS Documents on Paper

For each document, retrieve the dispatch record by run ID and verify the document is attached and legible. Then place the document in the archival box for the year in which the dispatch occurred.

If the scan/photograph is missing or illegible, delete it, and then re-scan the paper version. If you observe a pattern of illegible scans from a particular crew member, submit an incident for it.

If your operation is still standardized on paper PCS forms, consider switching to AngelTrack's Medicare-compliant electronic PCS form.

DNRs and DNR Revocations

For each document, use AngelTrack's Librarian feature to retrieve all DNR and DNR Revocation documents on file for the patient. Verify that the incoming document is present and is legibly scanned. Then, check the incoming document's effective date against its electronic record, and edit the electronic record's effective date if it does not match.

After processing, place all paper documents in the shred box.

All Other Documents

Review each paper to determine whether it may be relevant in justifying a transport, or justifying stretcher service. Scan and upload any relevant documents, then place all documents in the shred box.

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