AngelTrack's messaging system can send emails to employees and to affiliates, notifying them of significant events such as dispatch assignments.

Your AngelTrack cloud server has its own SMTP server built right in, which it uses to send its messages. If you wish to use your own SMTP server / SMTP email account, so that you can (for example) keep a log of all messages or send copies of its messages elsewhere, you can do so. See below for configuration instructions.

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Messages to Employees

AngelTrack sends messages to employees to notify them of relevant activity in shifts, dispatches, incidents, and the timeclock. To receive such messages, an employee must provide AngelTrack with his or her email address, using the Employee Self-Edit page. Supervisors and members of HR can also configure employees for messaging, using the Employee List.

Configuring your user account for messaging

To configure your messaging settings, simply click your initials in the upper-right corner of any AngelTrack page. This will open the Employee Self-Edit page. Select the "Messaging" tab and you will see this:

Messaging settings

Deciding which events you want to hear about

Each employee can choose to receive messages about any of the following events:

Text Messages Instead of Emails

It is easy to receive AngelTrack's notifications as text messages rather than as emails. Visit the Emails as Text Messages guide to learn how.

Messages to Affiliates

If so configured, AngelTrack sends email messages to affiliates to notify them of dispatch assignments, changes, and cancellations. To receive such messages, the affiliate's email address must be provided on the Affiliate Edit page. Once that is done, AngelTrack will send email messages to affiliate whenever the following events occur:

Dispatch assignments

AngelTrack sends a message to the affiliate when a dispatch is assigned or unassigned to that affiliate. This gives the affiliate a advanced written record of work to be performed: the email is as soon as the dispatch is assigned, so if you pre-assign the day's work, the affiliate can learn of their assignments ahead of time.

Dispatch changes and cancellations

When a change or cancellation occurs to a dispatch that is assigned to an affiliate, the affiliate is sent a notification message. The message contains all the information the affiliate needs to account for the change/cancellation.

Using Your Own SMTP Server / SMTP Email Account

To use your own SMTP server / SMTP email account, rather than the one built-in to your cloud server, visit the Settings page and select "Mail Configuration". You must be an administrator to do so.

AngelTrack needs to know the SMTP email account's name and password, the SMTP server's name and port number, and whether or not the server requires SSL. Most SMTP servers not using SSL will be listening on port 25, 2525, or 587. Secure SMTP servers using SSL normally listen on port 465. Yours may differ.

AngelTrack does not accept replies from its emails. If you wish to receive replies, specify your own email address as the Reply-To address that AngelTrack will include in its emails.

Diagnosing Problems

If AngelTrack's emails are not arriving as expected, check all of the following:

  1. If you specified your own SMTP server, is it configured properly? Visit the "Mail Configuration" on the Settings page and double-check all settings.
  2. Double-check whether your SMTP server requires SSL on its SMTP port, and whether the SMTP port is 25 or 465 or something unusual.
  3. If all else fails, test your SMTP server settings using an ordinary email client -- like Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Verify that the employee in question (the one who does not receive AngelTrack's emails) has input his correct email address into his employee settings in AngelTrack, and that the employee has checked the box indicating his desire to be notified of that particular event.
  5. Review the contents of AngelTrack's mail failure log, displayed at the bottom of the aforementioned Mail Configuration page under Settings. All send failures are displayed there, along with error messages.

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