Maintenance Windows

Your AngelTrack cloud server is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To ensure that it is always available to you, its health is monitored continuously, and its regular maintenance is rigorously performed.

When your cloud server requires maintenance or a hardware or software upgrade, it might be necessary to interrupt your AngelTrack service. Such interruptions are scheduled to occur during specific windows of time, so as to minimize the impact on your operation and help you plan for (or avoid) them.

Examples of maintenance

During a maintenance window, we perform the following types of maintenance on your AngelTrack cloud server:

No action is required from you during these procedures: it is always handled for you by AngelTrack staff members who are obsessed with uptime.

Technical support is still available during this time

We promise 24/7/365 phone technical support, and that includes maintenance window hours. We are always here, should you need us.

Weekly Maintenance Window

Each week there is a one-hour maintenance window, opening early Sunday morning at 02:00 your local time. During this window, your AngelTrack cloud server may become temporarily unavailable, if a restart is required to complete a software or hardware upgrade. Therefore you should postpone any important work; if your work cannot be postponed, then save often.

But don't panic: that one hour is the period in which AngelTrack might be unavailable, not that it will be unavailable. Normally the weekly update causes just a few minutes' interruption.

When a maintenance window is approaching, users are shown a warning on all AngelTrack pages:

Maintenance window approaching

The warning turns from orange to red when the maintenance window is actually open.

Keep in mind, just because the cloud server could become temporarily unavailable doesn't mean it will. AngelTrack technicians always endeavor to perform upgrades and maintenance without interrupting service; a service interruption is done only when absolutely necessary.

Occurs early Monday morning for Australian customers

The aforementioned maintenance window opens at 02:00 local time early Monday morning for Australian customers, rather than early Sunday morning.

Monthly Maintenance Window

The first weekly maintenance window to occur each calendar month is special: instead of one hour long, it is five hours (01:00 through 06:00 in your local time zone). This provides time for more extensive upgrades or other procedures. Fortunately, such things are rarely necessary, and if a significant interruption is planned, we will make a good faith effort to notify you in advance.

When you signed up for AngelTrack service, you provided a technical contact email to receive such notices. If that email ever changes, make sure you communicate the new email address to AngelTrack support.

Excluded from Uptime Guarantee

Your AngelTrack cloud server comes with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. This guarantee does not cover downtime that occurs during a maintenance window.

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