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Customer Portal

AngelTrack provides a portal for customers to monitor the status of their scheduled and active dispatches. The customer portal runs free of charge 24/7, and shows an airport-style live chart of departures and arrivals for the customer's facility. It automatically updates itself about once a minute, so it is suitable for display on a monitor mounted on a wall, where it provides advance notice of pickups and dropoffs.

Use by Your Facilities

Any facility known to AngelTrack can use the customer portal. Access to it requires the facility's ID and access code, both stored in AngelTrack's facility records. Both are automatically assigned by AngelTrack when the facility is first recorded; the access code can later be changed as you see fit.

Customer Portal If someone at a facility wishes to access the Customer Portal for the first time, he must call your dispatch office and request his facility ID and access code. These pieces of information are shown in the Facilities List page, which all dispatchers have access to; they can simply read off the facility ID and access code over the phone.

Live crew status information

The grids in the Customer Portal show live status information for dispatches in progress: enroute, on-scene, transporting, and so forth... the exact same information shown in the dispatch boards. All of it is automatic; you do not need to take any action.

No HIPAA encumbrance

There is no need for additional security precautions such as usernames and passwords, because the Customer Portal does not expose HIPAA-protected information. Rather, it shows the room numbers of scheduled dropoffs and pickups. In this manner, anyone viewing the customer portal can immediately know which room to get ready, without any need to reveal the patient's name.

As a result, your facilities are free to display the customer portal on a screen on the wall in a public space, such as a nurses' station. As a marketing tool, you could even provide the screens to the facility.

Facilities can check PAN status

As seen in the screenshot, booked stretcher transports that still lack a prior authorization number are marked with "PAN" in bright red. The employees in the facility's billing office can use the Customer Portal to watch for these PAN warnings, file the appropriate documents, and then notify you (the EMS company) when PANs are issued.

Customer Portal showing PANs needed

If you input the URLs of your carriers' PAN forms into your Insurance Payor IDs List, AngelTrack will then offer the "PAN" warning as a clickable link leading to the appropriate online PAN form for the patient. That will make it super-easy for your facilities to download and file the PANs.

Once the facility obtains the necessary PANs, they should be relayed back to EMS, where a dispatcher or biller can input them into AngelTrack. Once the PANs are input to the system, the Customer Portal will no longer display the "Needs PAN" warning.

Requesting transport using the portal

If you allow it, the Customer Portal will allow your facilities to request transport online. The requests come to the dispatch office, where a dispatcher will accept them (adding them to the schedule) or reject them.

To learn how this works and how to activate it, read the Customer Portal Requests for Transport Guide.

Use by Your Affiliates

Your affiliates can login to the customer portal and view a dispatch board of calls you've assigned to them.

To access the customer portal, employees of the affiliate must know the ID and the access code from their affiliate record in AngelTrack, in the same manner as facilities.

If your affiliate is marked ☑ Progress reports, then the customer portal will show them two charts:

Neighborhood EMS Customer Portal
Active Calls
    * run 1 - on scene
    * run 2 - enroute
    * run 3 - transporting
Scheduled Calls
    * run 4
    * run 5
    * run 6

If, on the other hand, your affiliate is not marked ☑ Progress reports, then the customer portal will show them a slightly different pair of charts:

Neighborhood EMS Customer Portal
Today's Calls
    * run 1
    * run 2
    * run 3
Future Calls
    * run 4
    * run 5
    * run 6

Affiliates are shown patient names

When affiliates access the customer portal, they can see patient names. AngelTrack does this because the only people viewing the portal should be the affiliate's dispatchers, who are HIPAA justified in receiving that data.

This is very different than the customer portal shown to facilities. Unlike your affiliates, your facilities will probably display their customer portal on a screen in a public place, such as their nurses' stations. AngelTrack therefore does not show HIPAA protected data to your facilities: instead of patient names, it shows room numbers.

Accessible Anywhere

Customers can access their portal from any computer, tablet, or smartphone that has a web browser and internet access. The portal can be put to good use by hanging a wall-mount computer at each nurses' station, configured to continuously show the portal so that nurses can verify what is on the schedule. This saves them the hassle of calling your dispatch office when unsure whether a patient's upcoming appointment is booked.

The customer portal's web address is identical to the web address of your AngelTrack server, but with one difference: where your employees access AngelTrack using https:, customers access it using http:. There is no need for the customer portal's web traffic to be secured because it does not contain HIPAA-protected or other sensitive information.

Linking to Your Customer Portal

It is easy to add a link on your company website pointing at your Customer Portal, so your customers can find it.

  1. If you wish to use an AngelTrack logo image, you can use this either of these free of charge:

    250x125   260x160

    Download the logo from here, then upload it to your webserver's content area.

  2. Add this code to a <div>, <td>, <p>, or <iframe> on your website:

    <a href=""><img src="AngelTrackLogo.250x125.png" alt="Customer Portal" /></a>

    ...being sure to replace "acme" with your actual AngelTrack URL. You can also make the link float over to the right-hand side of the page/container/frame/paragraph if you add a 'float' style, like this:

    <a href="" style="float: right;"><img src="AngelTrackLogo.250x125.png" alt="Customer Portal" /></a>

  3. Upload changes to your webserver and then test.

Changing the Customer Portal's URL

Your customer portal is accessible at the same URL as your employee portal, but with normal http: rather than the secure https: of the employee areas of AngelTrack.

You can create any additional URL to point to your customer portal, in any domain you control, in just three steps:

  1. Modify your domain's zone file, to add an 'A' record pointing at your AngelTrack cloud server's IP address. (If you do not know how to modify your domain's zone file, contact your DNS registrar or your webhosting provider.)
  2. Contact AngelTrack support and ask for the new URL to be added to the load balancer.
  3. Publish the new URL to your customers.

For example, if you are Acme EMS, then your customer portal can be at That URL would be very easy for your customers to remember.

A Word About Security

You will issue your customers an ID and password to access the Customer Portal.

A customer may -- by accident -- discover that he can login to the Customer Portal using any ID and any password. He may call you on the phone, concerned that your Customer Portal is insecure.

Don't worry. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

Whenever the wrong access ID or wrong password is used to access the Customer Portal, AngelTrack appears to accept the connection. AngelTrack will show the departures and arrivals boards just like normal... but they will always be empty:

Empty customer portal
Customer Portal accessed with the wrong ID or password.

Try it yourself and see.

Because the Customer Portal allows access even when the ID or password is wrong, an attacker cannot guess the ID or the password. As such, it is not necessary to periodically change your customers' access IDs and passwords.

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